Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another Family Member

My oldest son, Bill is very talented also. He was taught to knit and chrochet by my mother when he was about 8 years old. He never does it,
but he still can.

He is an artist but I can't get him to do that now either. He painted these pictures for me many years ago.

He did two for his grandma, which he now has in his house. He painted a farm for my cousin, the one she owned. I think Heidi and Marlene, my pen pal in England also have one.


angelasweby said...

Your son really is talented. I love these paintings. it can be so frustrating when somebody you love has a gift they no longer use. i am sure he will come back to his painting one day :>)

Oh, by the way, thank you Nancy for your sweet words and really great suggestion to Heidi about the pincushion. I do hope she is a dutiful daughter and always does what her mother tells her...haha.

Nancy said...

Hi Angela:
I hope you look at this again. Thanks for the nice commments on all my entries. I will pass them on the the people who did the projects.
I have Heidi on skype, I told her to read your comments. I hope to
that she listens to her mother.

Nancy said...

I love Bill's paintings! I wish you could convince him to start painting again. The colors are wonderful, and his art has such personality. Treasures indeed!

Heidi said...

Yes mom, I have two of them. One is here and one is at my cottage. I wish he would start painting again. It is a shame to waste that talent Bill!

Love and hugs ~


Kristen said...

I know that Bill is able to make so many beautiful things. If only we could get him in that "mode" again. :) You should show something that YOU have painted...... :) LOVE YOU GRAMMA!!!