Friday, September 28, 2007

Sibling Rivalry

My youngest son, Eric, is the owner operator of this flatbed semi truck.
He likes to drive in the Northwest, and it tends to get very cold there. He wanted a
Quilt, and wanted Heidi to make it. She told him not until he believes in Santa. Eric
doesn't do Christmas, soooooooooo, he said ok, I will have to make one myself.
He started last night and worked until midnight, then today he finished it.
Every stitch in it is his, right down to the quilt label, which he made on my
embroidery machine. The fabric is from Gettysburg and is authentic civil
war. Mandie, my granddaughter got it while at a reenactment. I think he
did a fantastic job on this. Keep warm Eric, I am proud of you.


Heidi said...

Okay baby brother! Now that I have forced you to become a quilter, when do I get my Eric original in the mail??? Great job! And like mother says...keep warm.

Kristen said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! This is too funny! I just love that he did it on his own and the civil war fabric is OH so perfect for him! Good job Eric and I guess that sibling rivalry never dies...... Mandie????? :)

Amanda said...

Love the quilt! It's about time something was done with all those old scraps I bought when that shop in Gettysburgh went out!The tag on the back is SOOO funny! Cut it out kristy! LOL We don't have a sibling rivalry.....or Dooooooo we???? Hmmmmmm....

vangie said...

GREAT JOB... you need to teach other drivers that technique... they can make themselves useful while they wait on me to get them there next load (hehehe)... take care, maria

Nancy said...

Wow! Even though Eric apparently likes to drive he has a tough job. He did an amazing job on the quilt, and I really love the label! Too funny! Nancy, there is so much talent in your family. Congratulations on being a wonderful mom to inspire them!

angelasweby said...

Well, my goodness Nancy, it shows what can be achieved with determination. It's a fabulous quilt and the fabrics are perfect. He deserves to be congratulated :>)
I can't wait to see what he makes next as he must be addicted by now...haha!
Hugs, Angela

Anonymous said...

That quilt looks great! No other male truck driver will ever top that. You can do whatever you put your mind to. Now your truck is more personalized and unique because of your creativeness, not to mention more comfortable. I am very proud of you!
Love from your brother....Bill