Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Dutch Treasures

This is my dining room hutch and as you can see, it is full of memories for me. The dishes are dutch and gifts from Heidi and Jos, my Dutch kids. They gave them to me as gifts for different occasions. Heidi called it Dutch Wedgewood, but there is an official name for them. Heidi can tell you in the comments. The dolls on the top are gifts from Jacomina, one of Heidi's quilt ladies. She made all the outfits the dolls are making and totally made the pin cushion. The wooden shoe is also a gift from her. I treasure each item. the doll on the bottom I bought at a tourist trap town my son-in-law hates, but takes me there. The single plate is also a gift from Heidi and Jos.


Heidi said...

How pretty your hutch looks mother! It does bring back many memories. The name of the dishes is 'boerenbont' which translate to 'farmer's colors'. The other single plate really is Wedgwood and was specially designed for a Dutch grocery store to sell at the holidays. It has a Zaanse Schaans house which is the area I took you and Dad too many, many years ago.

Love and hugs ~

Terri said...

Dear Nancy,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed my visit here as well!
Give my love to Heidi when you speak with her!
God bless.

Lilysmom said...

Great job Aunt Nancy! You are getting fancy in the tech world. I'll enjoy reading your blog and passing it along to my aunts!

Nancy said...

Everything is just beautiful! Your little Dutch girls are pretty, and the dishes are gorgeous. How special your Christmas plate must be.

angelasweby said...

I feel as if I already know you from all the wonderful things Heidi has said about you and the beautiful loving comments you regularly make on Heidi's blog. I can see you are a very loving family.
Your hutch looks so pretty and your collection of dolls is really lovely.
Warm wishes, Angela

jacomina said...

Dear Nancy
Heidi told us at the quilt evening that you have a site. We love you're beautifull cabinet. All the little dutch things. The beautifull boeren bont en the folklore dutch dolls!We hope you are all well. Lots of love Oomke and Jacomina

jacomina said...

dear nancy and george
love you're site, all the beautifull things that you have made. Thank you so much for you're little sweaters you have made for the children. They we're loveley. Hope you are all well..... lots of love Dorine