Thursday, September 27, 2007

George's cross stitching

One of times we visited Holland, Heidi was concerned George would be bored.
She was not well then, and couldn't do a lot of running around. I jokingly said
"well, teach him to cross stitch." She did, and he took off on it. I am showing you
the first picture he ever did, which is this train.

He has made several more, but the best of show is this tulip field and windmills.
We found the kit for him, and I think he thought we were crazy when we told
him to do it. He did, and here it is.


Lilysmom said...

Great job George. I haven't even thought about cross stitching in years...I'm jealous!

Nancy said...

Wow! George does beautiful stitching. I have a great fascination for windmills so that one is my favorite!

Kristen said...

You go Curious George! :) I just love that he does this! I have talked to several different men recently that rather enjoy cross stitching. Has he framed the birds yet? I LOVE the train! He is far better than I, but then, Heidi taught him, so that explains it! :)

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Hi Nancy, I am a cyber friend of Heidi's (FTLOS). I love your new blog and George's stitching is wonderful, he has taken on some challenging pieces, with lots of color changes.

Love you spinning wheel and wool from Holland.

I love Ohio, my sister lives in Lancaster and I go there several times a year.

Enjoy you blogging experience


Heidi said...

Great job George!!!

angelasweby said...

Wow, what a talented family. No one starts easy and works up in your family, Nancy...haha! George's cross stitched pictures are worthy of an exhibition. They are brilliant.
Hugs, Angela