Friday, October 30, 2009


Happy Halloween to everyone and I wish all Trick or Treaters a safe outing.
On of my online stitching friends is having a Halloween Birthday. Happy Birthday Barbara. You know Heidi says, you, Angela and I are witches so don't go too far on your broom but maybe we will meet up. Maybe we should fly over Holland.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


For the surprise giveaway I did, I sent Cindy (Onlymehere) one of my bears. I am not really sure if the brown one on the right is the one. Hum, I should have taken a picture of it by itself.
I also sent this hat along for her. I know she received the package. I got a very nice thank you email from her. You are very welcome Cindy. You are a very nice follower of my blog. Thank you for all of your very nice comments.
As most of you know, Heidi gave me the idea to go back to a previous entry, when most of my followers had left a comment. I wanted to be sure to include them. It is so nice to come on and read what everyone writes.
I also sent Heidi a gift for the cute idea and just because she is my Heidi.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Okay, confession time, I did not take these pictures. Yesterday, my cousin and I went to Amish country again and this is just what it looked like. It was a beautiful day and the trees are just beautiful.
I went to my treatment in the morning as usual. They finished what they call the boost treatments and then I had to see the doctor. He looked at my skin (burns),
and said I needed to wait a couple more days before I have the last five treatments. I go on Thursday and Friday this week, then on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week. That should be it. I will be very happy to be finished with it. It is just a drag to have to go every weekday. There are about four doctor appointments on my calendar, but not until the middle of November. Thanks again for you caring and prayers.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Today, while talking to Heidi on Skype, I told her I wanted to do a surprise giveaway. She told
me a lady she visited on a blog, gave her an idea. The lady went to a past post when regulars left a comment and she picked one from that post. I asked Heidi to pick a number from one to eleven and she did, without knowing which post I selected.

This is the post from September 17th and Onlymehere is the winner of my giveaway.

onlymehere said...

This was really interesting. I didn't realize that the actual treatment didn't last too long. I think it's absolute genius that they would make a mold of your head. What a great way to be sure that you're positioned correctly. I pray that this treatment will be successful for you. Cindy

Cindy, I need you to email me with you address so I can mail your gift. When you get the gift, I will put a post on with what I have sent to you.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My Daughter in law, Cheri, (George's Son) is a five year breast cancer survivor, and asked me to knit her a pink scarf. This is it, hope she will like it.
Yesterday, we went to Amish Country and then stopped at the apple place I told you about before. I love the way they do these apples in their entry way.
They have a sign up saying do not pick these apples. All of the trees are on the other side of the driveway.
I didn't get out of the store in time to get a better picture of this Amish Man driving away. I would not take him from the front, but the side would have been nice.
A lady who bought two hats from me at the craft show, called to see if I would make her four more. These are the ones she asked for. She said she wants more than this.

Now, to bring you up to date on my radiation, my skin is now burning. I have ten more treatments. Yesterday, I saw the Doctor and he said the last five are supposed to be "boost" treatments. The go directly to the scar area where the cancer was. Since I am burning, they are doing the boost starting today, then the last five back to normal. I will be very happy when it is over. I thank you all for your care and support.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


On Sunday afternoon, my Son, Eric and I went to Border Books. I was only going for him, but OH NO. I bought four books. I am almost through this one. I read the Mitford Series, and this is the first book of another set about Father Tim. They are great books if you haven't read them. This hardback is in the sale books.
These are two authors Heidi and I both love. We have been reading all of them and didn't have these yet.
One year for my birthday, Heidi bought me the first three books of this series. I bought this one, but there are more yet to read. I recommend all of these authors. Happy reading.
A lady who bought two hats from me at the craft show, called to order four more, and says she wants even more. She also asked about the bears. You never know.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


The craft show is over and not as good as I hoped it would be. I did not sell any
ponchos. The bear tree had to be put up across from my table and many people walked by and never saw it.
I sold about half of the bears, a lot of them to my neices who came.
I covered boxes turned upside down to hold some. At one time someone tried to open the doors behind the tree and we caught them in time.
Bill took this picture with no warning, so I was right in front of my daughter in law Becky, who helped me all day. I decided to wear pink, and she did too and it was not planned.
I sold most of my hats. I think I have one set let and two or three hats. No Heidi, the witch bear did not sell.
The ponchos could not be displayed well in such a small space. I was in front of the board for Military family members in our church. The small picture is Mitch, my Grandson and the note he wrote to thank the church for a package they sent to him in Iraq. He is home now thank God.
This is the long view of the table. It was an 8 ft table.
The other end view of the table. They sold chances to win large baskets filled with theme goodies, my DIL, Becky won one of the baskets. It was patriotic. It is really nice and I am so happy she won.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Once again, the fall season brings apples to Ohio farms. At Sunny Slopes, we can buy apples for fifty cents a pound. We can choose from several different kinds and pick them out one at a time. They are grown right on the property of the store. My problem is knowing which ones to pick out.

BoldThis same store sells pumpkins and gourds and wonderful cider. They have baked goods and cheeses and meats also.
Saturday is the craft show, and I have been making some last minute items. I made this hat and scraf set yesterday.

The two hats I made this week also. I will take pictures of the table when I get it all set up. Maybe I can do something else soon. Like my Warrior again, or, yes Heidi, the snowman pattern you sent me also.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


This is George and me at Bob Evans Rest. I found out a grade school friend was coming to Ohio from Va. so I set up a luncheon for the (kids) we went to grade school with. I don't think I have to say how many years ago that was. I printed pictures from our school days and my son, Eric, said? Mom, will they actually wear them? Yes they will and yes they did.
On the right, is Vicki. She is the one who came from Va. She used to live across the street from me, and growing up, we were best friends. When we think we have problems in our lives, we always hear someone who is suffering far more.
Betty, on the left has just had surgery for brain cancer. She is in radiation also, and now is starting chemo pills. Our prayers will be going out to Betty.

This couple is somewhat like George and me. Dick and Carole now live in North Carolina, and also came up for the luncheon. They were sweethearts in grade school. Carole moved to NC after the 8th grade. Both married others and were divorced and now are very happily married
to each other. A happy ending story.

The lighting , too much of it was not kind to this picture of Anna and her husband, and the picture below of Patty and her husband.
I should have closed the blinds, or asked them to move for the pictures.
This is Barbara and her husband. We were so happy to see everyone again.
This is Patty, on the left and both Donna and John were in our classes and are now married. We all had a good time. We will do it again soon I'm sure.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


When I went to New York, my Grandchildren taught me to play Wii games. I loved it, even though I had to use my left hand since it was only a week after surgery.
Last weekend, it was on sale at Target, so I bought it. Eric, Bill, Becky and I played it and had lots of fun. I only have the sports games that came with it. Later I am sure I will add new things to it. We have been bowling, golfing and playing ball.
This is my little character. George is the one behind me with the blue hat on. We were bowling tonight. Bill has been having fun making little people. He made Heidi, she plays ball with us. He dressed her in Green, since she is an elf. He made all the family and some made up people also.
If you have not played this, I highly recommend it. It is great family fun.