Tuesday, October 13, 2009


On Sunday afternoon, my Son, Eric and I went to Border Books. I was only going for him, but OH NO. I bought four books. I am almost through this one. I read the Mitford Series, and this is the first book of another set about Father Tim. They are great books if you haven't read them. This hardback is in the sale books.
These are two authors Heidi and I both love. We have been reading all of them and didn't have these yet.
One year for my birthday, Heidi bought me the first three books of this series. I bought this one, but there are more yet to read. I recommend all of these authors. Happy reading.
A lady who bought two hats from me at the craft show, called to order four more, and says she wants even more. She also asked about the bears. You never know.


angelasweby said...

I knew good things would happen after the craft show. Those little bears are totally irresistible. It sounds as if there's a big order coming your way :>)

Your new books look really tempting. Funnily enough I came across an old Monica Ferris today while I was tidying up.A friend in America gave me a couple and then I bought a third when i went to the States in 2006 . I loved enjoyed them and miss them very much.
I'm in that terrible no man's land of finishing one book and not having another. I feel really lost without a book!!
Warm hugs Angela

Sweetie said...

Your talents are paying off. Your bears are sweet and a nice gift. I am now reading two books and can't seem to finish either. I will do some Christmas shopping at Barnes and Noble. The relationship that you and Heidi have is wonderful. It's hard to believe that she lives so far away.

Heidi said...

You know I love all these books! Great authors each and every one. You will have many wonderful hours of reading now. But how sad when you read the last page of the last book unless you think...time for the bookshop once again. :-)

Good for you selling some hats on commission.

Love and hugs ~

Brigitte said...

These books look so intriguing. I read Knitting Bones on the plane and liked it very much.