Sunday, October 4, 2009


This is George and me at Bob Evans Rest. I found out a grade school friend was coming to Ohio from Va. so I set up a luncheon for the (kids) we went to grade school with. I don't think I have to say how many years ago that was. I printed pictures from our school days and my son, Eric, said? Mom, will they actually wear them? Yes they will and yes they did.
On the right, is Vicki. She is the one who came from Va. She used to live across the street from me, and growing up, we were best friends. When we think we have problems in our lives, we always hear someone who is suffering far more.
Betty, on the left has just had surgery for brain cancer. She is in radiation also, and now is starting chemo pills. Our prayers will be going out to Betty.

This couple is somewhat like George and me. Dick and Carole now live in North Carolina, and also came up for the luncheon. They were sweethearts in grade school. Carole moved to NC after the 8th grade. Both married others and were divorced and now are very happily married
to each other. A happy ending story.

The lighting , too much of it was not kind to this picture of Anna and her husband, and the picture below of Patty and her husband.
I should have closed the blinds, or asked them to move for the pictures.
This is Barbara and her husband. We were so happy to see everyone again.
This is Patty, on the left and both Donna and John were in our classes and are now married. We all had a good time. We will do it again soon I'm sure.


onlymehere said...

I think this is absolutely fabulous that your friendships go back to grade school! I love the story of the ones who had crushes on each other in grade school and then ended up marrying years later. How sweet is that?! You and George are so fortunate to have friends like this. My prayers go out to Betty during this time too. What a trial. I'm glad she could make the trip.

Heidi said...

I am glad you had a fun time at the luncheon. It is great that Vicki, Dick and Carole were able to come too. I even got to see Jim and Patty now. :-) I hope Betty enjoyed being able to come be a part of it and things will go well for her for the rest of her treatment. It is so good that she was able to be there.

Love and hugs ~

Sonja said...

You continue to amaze me in things you do! How great you organized this encounter with your old schoolfriends! And how cute it is that six of those children found eachother back later in life and got married! Life is full of surprises!

Saskia said...

i bet it was a perfect luncheon looking at the photo's. What a great way to bring back good memories. i hope there will more of those get togethers.

Tam said...

Nancy this is awesome that you were able to have lunch with your grade school friends and to stay in touch for so long, just great!
I will say a prayer for Betty.
Thanks for sharing your friends with us :-)

Sweetie said...

There is nothing in the world like old friends getting together. It is wonderful that you have friends dating back to elementary school. The terrific reunion says a lot about the kind of friend that you are. Thank you for sharing such a heartwarming story.

angelasweby said...

what a lovely reunion. I can imagine the stories that went around the table. Everyone looks so happy and the printed badges was such a wonderful idea.
Warm hugs Angela