Thursday, October 22, 2009


Today, while talking to Heidi on Skype, I told her I wanted to do a surprise giveaway. She told
me a lady she visited on a blog, gave her an idea. The lady went to a past post when regulars left a comment and she picked one from that post. I asked Heidi to pick a number from one to eleven and she did, without knowing which post I selected.

This is the post from September 17th and Onlymehere is the winner of my giveaway.

onlymehere said...

This was really interesting. I didn't realize that the actual treatment didn't last too long. I think it's absolute genius that they would make a mold of your head. What a great way to be sure that you're positioned correctly. I pray that this treatment will be successful for you. Cindy

Cindy, I need you to email me with you address so I can mail your gift. When you get the gift, I will put a post on with what I have sent to you.


onlymehere said...

Wow, this is the nicest surprise ever! I totally am blown away bz I never win anything, LOL! I'll send the email off right now. Thanks so much! Me

Heidi said...

So happy for Cindy! She will be thrilled with her gift since I know what it

Love and hugs ~

Tam said...

What a great idea! Congrats Cindy!
Take care Nancy :-)

angelasweby said...

That's a really clever idea. Congratulations to Cindy :>)
Hugs Angela

Linda said...

Hi Nancy, what a fun idea...I'm going to keep this in mind. Congrats to Cindy.
I've been trying to catch up, seems like I've missed so much.
While I was gone I was thinking of you...I'm glad your treatment is getting close to being over...but sorry to hear about the burning. I'm sorry people missed out on your ponchos and the teddies but I am happy you sold lots of hats. Maybe another sales or I like Heidi's idea...a blog sale would be fun...hugs, Linda

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

You make me quite ashamed of myself. With all that is going on in your life you still have time to travel, finish a knitting project and read.

I am so behind on everything that I want to do....someday I'll get organized!!!!!