Thursday, October 1, 2009


When I went to New York, my Grandchildren taught me to play Wii games. I loved it, even though I had to use my left hand since it was only a week after surgery.
Last weekend, it was on sale at Target, so I bought it. Eric, Bill, Becky and I played it and had lots of fun. I only have the sports games that came with it. Later I am sure I will add new things to it. We have been bowling, golfing and playing ball.
This is my little character. George is the one behind me with the blue hat on. We were bowling tonight. Bill has been having fun making little people. He made Heidi, she plays ball with us. He dressed her in Green, since she is an elf. He made all the family and some made up people also.
If you have not played this, I highly recommend it. It is great family fun.


onlymehere said...

How fun! Love the hat on George and your little character. I've never played this but the kids have. I hope you're doing well.

Sonja said...

You are a modern lady!! I have played some Wii with my nephew. I did love it to, but never thought of buying it. Maybe because my DH does not like to play and it doesn't seem to be something to play on your one?
My fever is down. Caughin not. My voice is gone. But I think I need to kick myself in the b... I need to find my girlpower back. I'll start searching for it today!! Thanks for asking! Groetjes Sonja

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt Nancy,
This is so fun! Barbi & Dennis had a Wii party after Christmas last year and we never laughed so hard! (Ok, maybe we did.) Anyway, it is a good workout witout even realizing it. That bowling got me in the back of my legs!

Heidi said...

You are so funny mother! Now I would have lost lots of money if I had bet you would never buy something like this. I am not sure I can be a character in this game. Do they let you fall down on the alleyway while you are bowling??? That is how I

Love and hugs ~

Amy Marie said...

Ok, I'm not even going to tell Jason that you got a Wii b/c he wants one for Xmas. WE don't have time to do things around the house, how are we going to find time to play Wii...but good for you! Secretly, I'd like to have one too!

Beatrice said...

Oh Oh you are hooked I love it toooo. Don't want to buy one because I'll never stitch!!!

I'LL BE TO SORE!!!!! lol
Have fun!

Nadine's Treasures and Antiques said...

I haven't seen one of these up close, it looks like a video games? I have never really liked video games, just can't get into them. Good for you in trying new things though!

Tam said...

WOW Nancy good for you!
Sounds like great fun!!
Take care and I hope you feel well.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

We got a Wii for the (ahem) kids...yes that's right, the kids last Christmas. When they turned it on they discovered two Miis named mom and dad. Yes we had opened it up prior to the 25th for play time.

Terri said...

I know! Isn't this great? We have family bowling contests from time to time. What a hoot! I need to get busy and try Wii yoga! Have you tried that?