Sunday, October 11, 2009


The craft show is over and not as good as I hoped it would be. I did not sell any
ponchos. The bear tree had to be put up across from my table and many people walked by and never saw it.
I sold about half of the bears, a lot of them to my neices who came.
I covered boxes turned upside down to hold some. At one time someone tried to open the doors behind the tree and we caught them in time.
Bill took this picture with no warning, so I was right in front of my daughter in law Becky, who helped me all day. I decided to wear pink, and she did too and it was not planned.
I sold most of my hats. I think I have one set let and two or three hats. No Heidi, the witch bear did not sell.
The ponchos could not be displayed well in such a small space. I was in front of the board for Military family members in our church. The small picture is Mitch, my Grandson and the note he wrote to thank the church for a package they sent to him in Iraq. He is home now thank God.
This is the long view of the table. It was an 8 ft table.
The other end view of the table. They sold chances to win large baskets filled with theme goodies, my DIL, Becky won one of the baskets. It was patriotic. It is really nice and I am so happy she won.


Heidi said...

You were really packed in there so it is good that Ditty did not come with her stuff. I cannot believe you did not sell any ponchos but I think it is because you could not show them well. I think you need to go try again at a better craft show. Normally there is much more space. The tree is adorable and with people not seeing it, that has to be why they did not sell. Time for a blog sale!?!

Love and hugs ~

onlymehere said...

I'm sorry that it didn't go as well as you hoped. It sounds like the hats were a hit :)

hazel said...

Hi Nancy, I have been thinking of you this weekend and was so sorry to read that you did not do as well as expected, but at least people saw your items so if you do it again you might get more response. Your teddy tree is adorable and it is so sad that Mum's were not buying them for the childrens stockings. I am sure you enjoyed the day thou. Keep smiling, Love Hazel (UK)

Amy Marie said...

So sorry that the ponchos didn't sell well. The hats are so super cute! Location is the key! Do you think you'll do another one?

Tam said...

Hi Nancy so sorry to hear the craft show did not go well. I agree you didn't have enough room. I'm glad your hats sold. Don't let this one show get you down, the next one will be great I just know it.
You look pretty in pink :-)
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment

Patty Rape said...

Hi Aunt Nancy!
I LOVE all your ponchos, hats, and bears which you already know! Kimmy liked her hat and scarf I bought her and Emmy had one of her hats on today when we all went to the pumpkin patch cuz it was beautiful but chilly out! I don't know why your ponchos didn't sell -they are all so nice! I do think it was because you didn't have enough room to display them also!My daugher-in-law's friend wants to buy one for her little girl so I'll give her your number! Love,PJ

Sonja said...

I am so sorry the craft show was not a success for you. Too bad you got so little space. Was it a very exhausting day standing all day? Hope you are not too disappointed and will find the spirit to keep on knitting and crocheting and stitching! I'm sure your warrior will be happy to see you again!

Maura said...

I think the economy is pretty hard for people right now, and they are mainly buying necessities. I haven't been able to sell anything on e-bay lately, and used to be able to sell tons. Keep the faith though, it will turn around!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Nancy,
I thought you had one of the nicest displays and the prices were so good! I love my purchases from you!
What is wrong with those people? Honestly I didn't notice too many people buying much throughout the whole craft show.

BittersweetPunkin said...

I was going to suggest a blog sale too Nancy! I think Heidi had a wonderful what do ya say?

I hope all is well with you, I have been away for quite a while and I am trying to catch up.

angelasweby said...

What a pity your position didn't show your beautiful knitted goods to their best advantage especially as you spent so much time building up your stock and everything looks so attractive and colourful.

I am amazed that you didn't sell any ponchos, hopefully there will be another craft show you can go to. I can tell you are particularly sad about the bear tree not doing too well and i can't blame you. it looks gorgeous. What bad luck about it's position. I'm so pleased the hats sold well, they are lovely.
Warm hugs Angela

Brigitte said...

I'm sorry to read this. It's a pity that you couldn't sell those loevly ponchos. Like the other wrote it certainly was a question of display. Maybe there will be a different show where you can get more space to display them.