Friday, October 30, 2009


Happy Halloween to everyone and I wish all Trick or Treaters a safe outing.
On of my online stitching friends is having a Halloween Birthday. Happy Birthday Barbara. You know Heidi says, you, Angela and I are witches so don't go too far on your broom but maybe we will meet up. Maybe we should fly over Holland.


Heidi said...

Okay, I will be looking up at the sky for the three of Happy Halloween mother and have fun passing out candy for trick or treat. Remember to look for the mummy this year! :-)

Love and hugs ~

Linda said...

Happy Halloween Nancy. Now this sounds like a fun journey....I have a broom...I want to go too:)...hugs, Linda

angelasweby said...

Nancy, hi
I'm getting ready as we speak! Everythings in place for Barbara's surprise bithday picnic., I've got the hamper packed with the Witches brew, tea hee hee!! Some delicious sand witches and some hot ghoulash. Then, our favourite dessert of course, Devil's Food cake yum glum glum...haha!
Picking Barbara up o the way. See you later :>)
Hugs Angela

Tam said...

Happy Halloween to you too Nancy!!
Hmmm...a flight over Holland via broomstick...I'm in! ;D
I don't know Barbara but "Happy Birthday"!

Saskia said...

Happy Halloween!
Got in the spirit of it, but had to leave the US last monday.
Maybe some other year I will be there where they know how to celebrate Halloween.
But you can fly over anytime.

hazel said...

Love the halloween photos. A trip to Holland again would be great,

Have a lovely weekend Nancy.
Love Hazel

Terri Pollhein said...

Did you get many trick or treaters last night? We are so far out in the boonies again that we didn't get any!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy!
Paula here..... I wondered if you said anything about your treatments ending. If I read correctly, you had some trouble and went into your boost and have some full breast treatments to finish right? I finished mine on wednesday. I am seeing that it's been 10 days since my last full breast treatment and the redness had faded and is turning into the "tan". I like the photo of the machine you posted. I took a couple of the machine I was on too. Hope you are doing well. I have dr's appts scheduled in Jan with Dr Trehan and my follow up with Dr Ellis on Dec 2nd. Today was my first day to take the "PILL". I am hoping and praying for no side effects.