Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My Daughter in law, Cheri, (George's Son) is a five year breast cancer survivor, and asked me to knit her a pink scarf. This is it, hope she will like it.
Yesterday, we went to Amish Country and then stopped at the apple place I told you about before. I love the way they do these apples in their entry way.
They have a sign up saying do not pick these apples. All of the trees are on the other side of the driveway.
I didn't get out of the store in time to get a better picture of this Amish Man driving away. I would not take him from the front, but the side would have been nice.
A lady who bought two hats from me at the craft show, called to see if I would make her four more. These are the ones she asked for. She said she wants more than this.

Now, to bring you up to date on my radiation, my skin is now burning. I have ten more treatments. Yesterday, I saw the Doctor and he said the last five are supposed to be "boost" treatments. The go directly to the scar area where the cancer was. Since I am burning, they are doing the boost starting today, then the last five back to normal. I will be very happy when it is over. I thank you all for your care and support.


onlymehere said...

God bless you for your bravery and courage at this time. You're an amazing woman and I admire your talents and outlook on life. These hats are adorable and I'm sure your DIL will love the scarf too. God bless you and I hope the rest of the treatments go well. Cindy

Tam said...

Oh Nancy I will pray that your discomfort goes away.
Your knitting is beautiful!
The apples are awesome, never saw anything like that before.
You're a strong and brave woman Nancy and an inspiration to us all.

Heidi said...

I bet Cheri will love the scarf. The basket weave at the ends is cute. The hats turned out great and you made them up so fast! I am sure the last two weeks of treatments will be over before you know it mother...hang in there and remember to look at the silver lining! Who taught me that? Want to come hold my hand this Thursday when they do my awful tests and then on Monday for the oral surgeon??? :-( to find my own silver lining as I am sure it must be laying around here somewhere.

Love and hugs ~

Susan in SC said...

Nancy - it is so good to be reading blogs again and to get an update on you. I am glad the treatment is almost over. I am sorry it is burning you. Is there something they can give you for the pain? Your hats are beautiful!

Sonja said...

You knitted a pretty scarf and so nice you put on this little pink ribbon broche.
I can understand that by now you are looking forward to the end of the radiation therapy. Sorry to read it begins to burn.

Hi, I'm Barbara from Missouri and.... said...

Oh Nancy, my heart goes out to you with your treatments. I'm sure you must be very uncomfortable, but what a great spirit you have. I love the pink scarf you knitted for your DIL, I'm sure she will be very happy with it. And bless the lady wanting more hats. Hang in there, dear Friend, it will be over before we know it.

Prayers for you and George.

angelasweby said...

I'm so sorry to read that your skin is so uncomfortable. it hasn't been an easy course of treatment but thankfully you are almost at the end of it now.
You really are an amazing person , you haven't let it get you down and, if anything, have done more during these last few months than ever.
Cheri's pink scarf is so pretty and the new hats look absolutely wonderful. Your customer is going to be thrilled.
I loved the photos of the orchard and the Amish man disappearing into the distance.
Thanks for sharing your day.
Hugs Angela

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt Nancy!
Gil & I were in Amish Country Monday too - too bad we didn't run into each other! :) We went on Sunday & stayed at a Bed&Breakfast we like in Winesburg - Grapevine Inn and just relaxed, walked, took pictures and listened to the buggies! Monday was such a perfect, beautiful day!
Sorry to hear your treatments are bothering you - hang in there - you are almost done! If anybody can do it - YOU can! Love ya, PJ

Brigitte said...

Nancy, I'll continue sending you positive thoughts throughout the rest of your therapy.