Tuesday, May 29, 2012


My sister was nine years older than me and I have very happy memories of her.  One very dear one is when I was about 8, we shared a room and she would wake up on Sunday Morning and tell me to go downstairs and get her a cup cake and the funny papers.  Of course I would say I didn't want to and then she said "If you don't I am going to give you to the garbage man"  I went, but of course she never would have but guess I didn't really know that then. 
She always called me Rag Leg.  I guess because my favorite doll was rag with long legs. 
When she was in the hospital and before she got so bad, we were talking about this.  She said "boy, I was mean huh"  I said no, you were not mean.
In the end she was so very bad that we all knew she had to go to see her family in heaven.  She will be missed but fondly remembered.  Good bye Ruthie.
Thanks Heidi for finding the picture and doing such a nice tribute on your Cranberry Chronicle blog.


HeidiInHolland said...

Your welcome! :-)

She was not mean at all...just knew how to get her She was fun and I will miss that Ruthie Boothie laugh.

Love and hugs,

onlymehere said...

I had to go and see Heidi's tribute. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. She certainly had an unusual name for you. I have six sisters and my sister who's 10 years older than me is the one I'm closest to. Must be something about that magic 9-10-year mark. I'm so sorry for your loss. She sounds like a great sister.

Sonja said...

Dear Nancy,

So sad to hear your sister died. Hope I don't use the wrong words in trying to say some comforting words to you. Condolences on this loss.
liefs Sonja

Susan in SC said...

I am so sorry to read of the passing of your sister. Hugs to you!

Carolien said...

Dear Nancy,

I'm so sorry your sister has passed away.

Warm hugs for you and your family & take care,