Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Now who does this remind me of???

This is not Nancy. *grins* Someone took over Nancy's blog and put this humorous cartoon published in the Lion Brand newsletter on her blog. Of course, the fact that the son in the bright floral shirt resembles my brothers ... yes, both of them minus the thick head of hair ... might give you a clue as to who took the blog over today. *wink*


Nancy said...

Gee, I wonder who named Miss Pickles, Silly Sally Pickles and Tide, and Hide and Elf, hummmmmm, wonder if it could be her. Since she knows my password, I'd say it is a sure thing.
You used to tell me to stop reading, but you can't do that anymore. Now you are a reader also.
I will tell your brothers to look at my blog now.
Love you, Mom

Susan in SC said...

I love this cartoon! So true for many (most) knitters/crocheters!!

onlymehere said...

That's too funny! So happy to see you posting...even if your blog was highjacked by Heidi! Have a great weekend!

HeidiInHolland said...

Who me Cindy??? I would never highjack my mother's blog now would I????? :-)

Anonymous said...

Mon said that's me in the cartoon; But my shirt is orange! And you could come see it in person........well, how about it?
Love Bull