Thursday, May 10, 2012


My latest project is coming right along.  A few days ago it looked like the above picture.  I was talking to Heidi  and she said I should post it and say BUSY.    There are many many color changes on this Indian lady.  I am almost finished with the first section.  I am doing it in four sections.  Slow but sure!


Heidi said...

Yep...that is the title of this post...busy. :-) Each day when we talk on Skype, you are working away on this squaw like a busy little beaver. And you are such a fast stitcher so I am sending you all my patterns to stitch for

Love and hugs,

onlymehere said...

She's beautiful and will look gorgeous next to the warrior you did earlier! I'm so glad you're sharing your progress with us.

Carolien said...

Hello Nancy,

I hope you are all doing okay in Ohio!
Lovely stitches, I look forward to the next post ...

Hugs from us all for you and George,

Brigitte said...

Great, you started the companion piece for your warrior. She's looking great!

Anonymous said...

Your Indian Lady is coming along nicely and te colours are lovely. Remember when you started cross stitch not that long ago now you are up with all the expert and experience stitchers. Well done.
Hope you and the family are well.
Love Hazel c (uk)

Sweetie said...

Hi Nancy, This is the first that I have checked out a blog for probably over a year. I love the photos of your family. Also it looks like "the squaw" is going to turn out beautifully.