Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Indian Lady Part Three

I could not get my camera to work the other day, so section two did not get recorded.
I am now working on section three and the skirt is coming up and looks like it could be
quite a challenge.  We shall see soon.
Thanks Heidi for my now patriotic side bars.  I cannot do this new blogger at all.


Heidi said...

It is coming along so well and you are so speedy at your stitching! We are having SALs together on Skype now each afternoon which gives you good stitching time. :-)

Love and hugs,

Sofia said...

Hello dear Nancy,

Your stitches look great!
Hope you are all well.

Hugs from us all,

onlymehere said...

Beautiful work. I can't work this new blogger either. It won't accept some of my pictures that were taken at the same time as others it takes, and it always seems to miss my best pictures. I've only updated my sewing blog and not my family one. I'm really frustrated with it. If you learn any tips to posting let me know as I would like to start blogging Kaje's wedding.

Once again, she's lovely and you're doing a fabulous job!

Sonja said...

She is becoming a beautiful lady! You're doing a great job. And I know that it is fun stitching something you like. Don't go to fast...or you will have to find a new project to stitch. LOL.
Groetjes Sonja.