Friday, April 20, 2012


I cannot figure this new blog setting at all.  Here are three finishes I did.  The yarn
bin is not empty even after making this oversized afghan.  Oh well, maybe I will find
some other uses for the rest of it.  
The ponchos were made for Zoe and Abby for Easter.  They live in a warm climate, but
it does get cool iu the mornings and evenings, so maybe they will get some use of them. 
Zoe wore hers while I was there.  The afghan is queen size.


Heidi said...

Zoe and Abby will love their little ponchos! And I am sure there will be chilly enough moments for them to get good use of them.

The afghan is great and does not look as large as I know it is from seeing you hold it up. Now when winter comes again, you will be toasty warm under it. :-)

Love and hugs,

onlymehere said...

I bet those little sweethearts love the ponchos! Adorable. Great for you on completing the queen-sized afghan. I could only do small ones. Crocheting just made my wrists and fingers ache and I didn't give knitting a very long shot (about 10 when I was taught) so I'm not good with the needles. I admire your talent with them very much. Glad you've posted. I've missed you!

Carolien said...

Lovely finishes, Nancy!

Hugs for you and George,

Phil said...
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