Sunday, December 9, 2012


The top sweater I just finished for Eric.  The bottom one for Heidi.  It was going to be for
Christmas, but the package arrives at her house on Sinterklaus day so I told her to go
ahead and open it.  She once told me she can't get brown yarn in Holland.  Eric's is pure
wool but not hers.  She gave  me all her wool sweaters, lucky me.  The front of Heidi/'s
has some of the same patterns as Eric's.  I made the pattern up as I went along.


Heidi Kuijer said...

...and I just love my sweater!!! It came at just the right moment and I wore it right away too. :-) Thank you little mother!

Love and hugs,

Saskia said...

Love both sweaters! Good thing, Heidi got a early Christmas present, with all the snow, and freezing temperatures.
More home made presents next wednesday...

Anonymous said...

I was just reading Heidi's post about the snow, so it sounds like the sweater came at just the right time.