Wednesday, December 19, 2012


 Mandie lost her original village I painted for her many years ago, so I have started a new one.  She already has it, so I can show it.  I forgot to take a picture of the people.  Oh well.  I will add pieces as I can get them.
 My cousin, Louise, wanted a lap robe.  She has been grounded with pain in her legs which now they have decided comes from her back.  She is in therapy for it now and doing better.  She doesn't have this yet, but also has no computer.
 The 17th was Bill's birthday.  I cheated and bought the two layer cake, but made him the oatmeal cakes he gets every year.  His favorite and he takes them home.  Eric just lite the cake.


HeidiInHolland said...

Hey! There are those two old men masquerading as my They spelled your name wrong on the cake though...right Bull? ;-)

I love my village and setting it up each year again. I am sure Mandie will too. Tell her Aunt Matilda said do NOT loose this

Louise's afghan came out really nice. Love those colors.

Love and hugs,

quilt32 said...

I love those little village houses and the afghan is great. I'm sorry to hear Louise is still having problems. She sent me a beautiful Christmas card.

Susan in SC said...

What a sweet village!