Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Heidi changed my blog look last week and now it is only fitting that this little guy says
"Top of the Mornin to you".   Our St Patrick's Day is predicted to be sunny and in the 
70's.  Hope that is true.  We have had a very mild winter in Ohio this year and I am
not going to complain. 
I am watching DVD's that Bill bought me and I am just getting around to watching them.
It is the first season of the TV show Castle.  I am so loving it.   It is in the third year now,
but I want to buy year two also.  I have not been watching it since it comes on late here.
I think I will just have to after I get these DVD's watched.  
Still reading and crocheting also.  I am making an afghan from all my yarn leftover from
ponchos.  I will post it another day.  
Have a great ST Pat's Day and thanks Heidi for my new blog look.


Heidi said...

You are welcome and Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too. Do not forget to wear green. I will be baking some Irish soda bread but have to bake it on Friday since we are going to the cottage for the weekend.

Castle is on TV here but I have never watched it. Enjoy!

Love and hug,

onlymehere said...

Happy St. Patrick's day to you too. We have a week full of birthdays around here...Bailee, Brianna, and Jake and then by the end of the month Nicholas followed closely by Larry and then our 30th wedding anniversary. We seem to have a birthday every week until mid-June and we're throwing Kaje's wedding in just for fun in June too! Busy times around here right now.

My MIL made a bunch of afghans out of extra yarn she had and when she had enough of them made she let each grandchild come and pick one out. My kids still have and use those afghans all those years later and treasure them. She makes an off-white one for each grandchild when they get married too so they have a fussier one for the front room. I'm sure that your kids and grandkids and maybe even the great grandkids will treasure what you make with your hands for a long time to come.

Carolien said...

Have a nice day, Nancy and George!

Hugs and love, Carolien