Sunday, September 16, 2012


Heidi has a blogging friend who posted a flag for her yard with a harness racing horse and bike.  My cousin Louise is an owner of a harness racing horse.  I wanted a flag for her.  Lillian said she would make one free and I would not let her.  That would have not at all been fair since I do not even know this blogger.
Soooo, we decided on a trade.  I would make something for her in return.  We both got our packages on the same day.  I made her two placemats with pockets for silverware, two different size crocheted boxes, one blue (shown) and a smaller on cream to match the placemats with blue napkins in it.  I also made her a dishcloth.
My cousin does not have the flag yet but she doesn't have a computer so I am safe to show it.  She will be so thrilled.
Thank you so much Lillian, you are a wonderful person to do this for me.


Heidi Kuijer said...

Lillian is such a sweet lady and she did a great job on the flag. I am sure Louise is going to love it. And I got to watch you making the things for her. I want to make some of the baskets. I hope Lillian likes all her things you made for her in your good old fashioned barter.

Love and hugs,

Susan in SC said...

What a wonderful trade! You both came out ahead.

onlymehere said...

Great idea to do a trade! Your talents are sure to be appreciated, and what a very nice thing to do for your cousin.

Send Gifts to Pakistan said...
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quilt32 said...

I definitely got the better end of the trade - all of the items are so beautifully made and already in use.