Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Cindy asked me to post the framed Indians when I finished stitching them.  I just finished backstitching the squaw tonight.  Bill helped me frame them.  We had to redo the warrior,
we couldn't get the same color frame.  They said they don't stock it anymore.  I might have
found it at another Joann Fabrics, but the frames were 60% off so easier to just match them

and keep the other one for another day. 


Susan in SC said...

These are absolutely beautiful!

Heidi Kuijer said...

Well they look great! And I like the frames you did find for them. The other one will be easily used for something else one day. I hope Bully now gets out his punch engine and hangs them up! Hear me Bully? :-)

Love and hugs,

Brigitte said...

These are two absolutely beautiful finishes. Congratulations!

onlymehere said...

They look so majestic and complement each other perfectly. Thanks for posting them for me. I honestly meant it when I said that you do beautiful work. Hope life is treating you well and that you have much to smile about today.

quilt32 said...

The embroidery is simply spectacular and they look so nice framed.

Julia Smith said...

Mrs. Groetz, I don't know if you remember me but this is Julia Smith. I went to school with dear Fawn and was on drill team with her. In fact, you made one of my uniforms. Anyway, I went into my garage this afternoon and noticed an unfamiliar box and inside was the rifle we used for competitions and shows. This brought her to mind and thought I would contact you. I googled her name and came upon your blog. Yes, I remember the horrific tragedy of Fawn losing her life. She was so beautiful!! And her daughters are so pretty as well. If you like I can be reached by e-mail I hope to hear from you. With fond memories, Julia

Anonymous said...

I made the maiden last year and now I'm looking for the indian warrior. Can you telle me where can I will find it please?