Sunday, August 2, 2009


The festival has balloon launch four times each year, weather permitting. They have about 70 balloons. I have taken pictures of a few. Army had to be one of them of course. Sorry, the next one is sideways. Oh well. We left the area we were watching the launch from and came home and they were right over our house. The houses below are our neighbors.
They do several shapes, so I took the piggy one.


Tammy said...

Oh...I hope the piggy one comes to my town. Our balloon fest is scheduled for the 14th!

Judy said...

Oh much fun was that? I loved the balloons, especially the piggy one.

Sweetie said...

Nancy, I wish that we had something like that in our area. Each balloon is unique. I think of you often and you are in my prayers.

Linda said...

I'd love to go to a ballon festival....these are all so pretty. Looks like you had a pretty day for the event...hugs, Linda

Heidi said...

Wow! HOF already? Where does the time go. We have lots of balloons taking on now here to right in the park beside our house. It is now here to celebrate Amersfoort being 750 years old this year. No piggies but we did have a cute boy and girls heads.

Love and hugs ~

Beatrice said...

That is just the great selections of balloons. Wow. Aren't you lucky to have them so close!!
Great photo's ..thanks for sharing.
Take care!

Sonja said...

How wonderful that these balloons came so close to your house! It is always a beautiful sight! Are you still knitting poncho's? Or does your warrior get some attention? I am stitching the French country kitchen, my holliday-project. Veel liefs Sonja

Susan in SC said...

such pretty balloons! How fun!!

boracay condo said...

I wish i could ride on a hot air balloon too. It looks like one of a kind adventure, and i love adventure.

Have a nice day to you!!!