Thursday, April 28, 2011


It might look lonely, but to me it is another sign of Spring. Last night we had high winds and you could even see grass blowing. Never noticed that before. Garbage cans were blowing down the street. Bill's was only at the end of the driveway. I captured it this morning. This is my beautiful Bradford Pear tree that my cousin and I planted a couple years ago. I am going to search my blog to see if I have a picture of it back then. I cannot believe how much it has grown. It was about my height when we planted it. All the rain is good for the grass and trees. We have had a record rain fall for April for Ohio.
The plant Eric and Becky bought for me is now blooming. Becky wanted it to bloom for Easter but it is so pretty now. A second flower is also coming out.


Heidi said...

Your tree is so pretty and I know how much you love it. See there is a little gardener in you after all. :-) Is that the only tulip left? Sad for it to be all alone. You need to plant some more. The lily is lovely. I used to buy bouquets of them near our cottage for only 2 euros but I cannot be around them anymore as they cause me to literally loose my breath.

Love and hugs,

Brigitte said...

These are definitely signs of spring. It's so great to see all the colours of the spring fowers and particularly the blooming trees like your pear tree. Enjoy the spring season.

onlymehere said...

Your tree is lovely! Isn't it wonderful how fast some of them grow. Our maple doesn't grow as fast as our other trees though but that's okay.

Can you believe we've had snow flurries yesterday and today?! I can't believe it. What a lousy spring this has been. The farmers are getting worried about getting crops in now. We've had so much rain that we're on flood watch for our city/valley. Oh well, it will make us appreciate the beautiful things that grow from it later in the year when they get a chance! Your flowers are lovely too.

Carolien said...

Lovely flowers and blossoms!

Have a nice day & hugs,