Friday, May 28, 2010


We were late celebrating Eric's birthday, since he was on the road. Here he is, holding his stash from me.
This picture was taken in Seattle by my Granddaughter, Kristen. She has
Hale Photography. She can put any verse you want on her pictures. I wanted it to be the very first book of the Bible for Eric. Eric was in the Navy, so it also suited him. He loves it.
I wanted Kristy to be able to see how I framed it. I carried it home on the train unframed.
This photographer, ME, didn't do a very good job on this picture, but this is Bill's new bike. Ride safe Bill and have fun.


Heidi said...

Happy birthday again little Lootlie Bean! Glad he enjoyed his birthday dinner celebration. I am still getting over the shock of my mother sitting out in the yard for And YES Bully, please be SAFE!

Love and hugs,

onlymehere said...

It sounds like the perfect gift for him and it looks like a beautiful picture. You didn't do so bad on your photography of Bill either! My daughter just decided to open a photography studio and I'm thrilled. She really should be charging for the beautiful portraits she takes. I hope you have a great weekend bz it looks like Bill's going to, lol!
P.S. Is that a typo on Heidi's comment where she called him "Bully" or is that a cute nickname she has for him? Just wondering!

Carolien said...

Hello Nancy,

You gave him a very special gift, beautiful!
The girls would say, when seeing him on his motor: 'Oehhh, he's cool!' :)))

Have a nice weekend & hugs,

Saskia said...

Great gifts, and great photo's. I also like the photo of you and George.

Hale Photography said...

With emphasis on the "BE SAFE" part! :) Sounds like everyone is having a good time! :)