Wednesday, April 28, 2010


First, let me say, I should have taken my old camera. I do not know how to change the settings on my new one. Sorry for the quality. We went on a one day bus trip to Sauder Village in Archibold, Ohio. Heidi asked me to take pictures of the quilts in the quilt show there.
There were 400 quilts in this show. I took very few.
I actually found myself comparing them to Heidi's quilts and those of the ladies in her quilt group. Hummmmmmmmmmm.
The one on the left was all fairies and cute. The right, I liked the design.
I am not a quilter, so just know what I like, not really the patterns. I only know a few.
Of course, I like anything patriotic. Had to take this one.
This one was a blue ribbon winner and one of the first you saw when you walked in.
This one was really big. At least queen sized. I took pictures inside the museum too and will share them on my next post.


Heidi said...

I keep going back and looking at the pictures. I love the quilt in the standing mirror! I love using things for something other than their original purpose. Thanks for taking pictures. :-)

Love and hugs ~

onlymehere said...

Heidi and her friends do such beautiful work. These are pretty too. I like patriotic too and actually just finished buying all the fabric for a small patriotic quilt. I'm using most of it from my stash but needed to buy the binding and backing. I like to have all that before I cut a quilt so I have an idea how the finished quilt will look and I won't have to try and match fabric. You're always doing something so fun!

Elly said...

Thank your fo sharing the pictures of the quilts. The Blue ribbon winner is from a Dutch Designer: Jaqueline de Jonge. I have a pattern from her too but am too busy with Leannes House which we make at Heidi's Bee!
Hugs en groetjes, Elly

Linda said...

Lovely quilts Nancy. I especially like the fairy one and the last one. I'm always in awe when I see such amazing pieces...hugs, Linda

angelasweby said...

Wow Nancy,
What fantastic quilts. I can imagine wandering around this exhibition with my mouth permanently dropped open in amazement. The one to the right of the fairy quilt looks as if you could put your hand right into those little boxes, the perspective in it is incredible.
They are all such a pleasure to look at.
Thanks for showing them and your photography is excellent :>)
Angela xx

Brigitte said...

Great pictures and great quilts. I also love going to quilt shows but they rarely take place in my region. I particularly love the quilt on the right on the fourth picture. It's a great pattern and has great colours.