Thursday, April 1, 2010


After telling George about the pretty flowers at our local grocery store, he took the hint and bought some for me. I love the smell of hyacinths. They just opened today. I colored our eggs this morning and of course had to have some jelly beans. A dozen of the eggs will make their way to Bill, and Eric and Becky's.
Every year, these pop up beside our air conditioner. They are always first to appear.
A few entries ago I showed you these trying to get up out of the ground. Sorry about my head in there in shadow, didn't notice it until now. Oh well.
I hope all of you have a Happy Easter and I hope this weather last and spring is actually here. It is sunny and warm today. Yeah.


Saskia said...

We are all waiting for spring. It's typical Dutch weather.
Rain, sun, wind, rain, sun, rain,rain. And it's cold.
But Rover and I can make our walks in the woods again after a hard day's work. So one more day at work. Happy easter!

Linda said...

Hi Nancy, your table looks so pretty...I'll being doing eggs tomorrow. I love the lavender hyacinths from George....their sweet fragrance is just wonderful...when I see them I know it's Easter time...hugs, Linda

Heidi said...

You are funny with your hints. I would have to just go buy what I want. Jos does not understand I cannot have hyacinths in the house. Did you have fun coloring the eggs? I hope you all have a great dinner. I know it is almost time for your to eat. Eet smakelijk!

Happy Easter and talk to you on Monday...

Love and hugs ~

onlymehere said...

Lucky you. Even with your recent snow you have flowers. I don't have anything budding out yet. For April Fool's Mother Nature dropped a bunch of snow on us. Oh well, it beats hauling that garden hose around watering the lawn! Your flowers are lovely and I admire that you still color eggs. I gave that up years ago. Guess I'm lazy, lol! Happy Easter! Me
P.S. Maybe George could teach my husband how to take hints, lol!

Carolien said...

Hello Nancy,

Happy Easter and it was fun to see your shadow, it makes this picture just perfect :)

I told the girls about farmville, I bet they will appear one day ;)

Hugs, Carolien

Elly said...

I like hyacinths too and got some last sunday from a very dear friend and her husband. They live in Amersfoort, can you guess who? I love your coloured eggs and all the colours together. So different, I always like yellow flowers at Easter. Have a very nice weekend with George and your family.
Hugs and groetjes

Tam said...

Wonderful flowers! and your Easter decor looks so pretty.
Happy Easter to you and yours Nancy :)

Susan in SC said...

A very pretty basket and eggs you have there! I also like your new header for the blog. I just love balls of yarn.

Brigitte said...

Daffodils in the garden and hyacinths inside - what do you want more to welcome spring.