Sunday, March 28, 2010


Sorry, the quality is so bad, but I wanted my Dutch family and friends to see I now have a working, yes working, windmill on my farm. To get it, I had to collect 150 Easter eggs. You then redeem the eggs for a windmill. Soooo cute.
I had to delete some crops to be sure it would sit down. I then planted red tulips around it. They take a day to come up.
At St Patricks day, we collected gold. From the gold, we were able to get castles.
The ground is all level, but my smart Bill knew how to make it look built up with fencing.
The little french houses start as a wood frame. Neighbors send you building supplies and when you get the last piece, like magic you have a house. This is really fun to play. Hope you are able to see it well enough.


Linda said...

Nancy, your farm looks amazing and I love your windmill. Farmville, and your tasks to build your farm sound like fun...I know I'd love playing too. Have a happy day...hugs, Linda

Heidi said...

I want to be able to buy a REAL windmill in the REAL Holland for 150 Easter

Love and hugs ~

onlymehere said...

OOOOOOOOH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I've lost another friend to the farming game! Woe is me! I grew up on a farm and have no intention of every going back. This now makes almost every one of my blogging buddies who have been lost down on the farm! It looks really nice but I hope you still come back around blogland to visit, lol!

Susan in SC said...

How fun to see your farm with the working windmill!

Sonja said...

At first the foto's were not visible on my iPhone. As I was reading your story, I really did not understand what you ment by buying a windmill with Easter eggs... It made no sense at all.
Today I got the pictures right, and I am smiling: it is only a computer game!

Mary said...

Windmills are always so interesting - I visited one in France where the rats scurried out when we opened the door, eeeeek!!

Love your new banner - feel bad that you got more snow!

I posted on the porch Spring spruce up - come on down and sit a while in the warm Carolina sun, I'll make you a cuppa!

Hugs - Mary

onlymehere said...

If I wasn't behind the camera no one would take the pictures, lol! Brianna is too exhausted to even lift a camera right now. It's been quite the ordeal for her. I like your idea of taking pictures of Bailee on the quilt for Travis. I'm also whipping up just a small cloth for Trav using the fabrics then he can see what I was talking about. He can use it for dusting or cleaning his apartment if he wants, lol! He just got transferred to Oahu so he'll probably be doing a bit of cleaning. We all can tolerate our own dirt but not someone else's right? Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by.

Carolien said...

Dear Nancy,

How nice to know you love Holland enough to install a windmill with tulips on your farm :))) Our girls have their own farm too. I told them about it when you posted about it earlier and since then a new addiction was born ...
Have fun with it & hugs, Carolien