Thursday, March 11, 2010


Today I flew home from Tampa and the flight was about two hours late. It was a non stop flight, but the weather in Northern Florida was not good and the flights were having trouble. The flight I left on was late from Atlanta. A lady getting off said "I hope you are not afraid to fly". She said it was the worst flight she was ever on. When the flight attendants were serving, it was so ruff, the pilot told them to lay down on the floor until it smoothed out. We had to sit on the runway over a half hour to be cleared to take off. All flights going North were delayed. It was only ruff about 10 minutes when we got in the air, then fine the rest of the way. I have never been afraid to fly so it didn't bother me.
I didn't take my camera, but this is a view at Tarpon Springs. We visit there every time I go. It is a neat Greek town. They go out to collect sponges. The shops are neat to go through. The weather was very cool until the day before I left for home.
It was in the 50s and 60s. When I got to Ohio it was 68 degrees today. Thank God our snow is gone.
I could not find a good picture on Google, but this is the board walk at John's Pass. My cousin loves going to this little spot. We went twice. The shops are just very neat to go through.
Every evening, we were back at her house and playing this very addicting game. It is lots of fun and easy to play. You can buy it at Walmart or other stores for $10.00. I am trying to catch up on blogs, but it will take me awile.


barbi said...

WELCOME BACK AUNT NANCY!! I know my mother-in-law said it hasn't been nice in FL since she went in November!! That's really unusual!! Molly is in Miami for the week building houses on spring break with Habitat for Humanity!! She said it has been warm there, the ocean is cold but she said she's there, so she is going in it anyway!! Going to Disney tomorrow on their long long drive back to Toledo!! Talk to you soon!! Love, Barbi

Heidi said...

I am glad you found your way back home. I bet Bull's biblical cord was hurting It was good that I was up late enough for us to catch up on Skype last night. I am really glad you had a good time but tell Louise to get herself back home to Ohio so she can have nice weather. :-)

Love and hugs ~

onlymehere said...

Welcome back! It's been so lonely in blogland! I'm glad you had a good trip and that you got home safe. Talk to you soon.

Tam said...

Oh Nancy you are a braver woman than I to fly...yikes!
Glad you are home safe and sound and enjoying being home again...we still have snow :( but it's raining now.

Carolien said...

Hello Nancy,

I am glad you are back safe and sound. Hope you had a good time together!
Have a nice weekend & Dutch hugs,

Sonja said...

Hi Nancy, welcome back in Ohio and in Blogland! Your flight back sounds exciting and I admire you for taking it so easy. I wonder how your 10 minutes of heavy weather were. Did your plane 'fall down' in the sky? Were you 'shaken by the plane'?
Glad the snow is gone! Hope there is some spring coming your way!

Saskia said...

Good to hear everything went fine.
And it's good to hear you are back on the world wide web!
The game 'rummicub' is so fun to play. But I like skip-bo too, do you know that card game?
Well I like to play all kinds of games, so when you come over to Holland, give me a call, and we can play rummicub.

Mary said...

Glad you had a fun visit away from all that snow! Also happy to know your flight home wasn't too bad - I dislike turbulence and am always a little nervous flying....but it's the only way to see this wonderful world!

Happy Spring - Mary

Susan in SC said...

Glad you made it back home safe and sound!