Friday, March 26, 2010


Is it March? Really? This is what we woke up to this morning. It started about 8PM last night as rain then turned to snow. George had to drive to Cleveland Airport last night late and said the roads were terrible.
This is Bill and Eric and Becky's duplex, behind our house. Bill's Jeep was cleaned off because he had to work very late last night. Eric is out on his semi, so their truck was out. Stay safe Eric.
This is on the way to breakfast this morning, needless to say, from the car window.
Another view going down the road.
The weather report said 1/2 inch, but it was more like two inches. This is at George's son's house. Can it be Spring now?????


Heidi said...


See that big smile on my face. You can send it to me. :-) It was summer here yesterday but that was in honor of Carolien's birthday.

Love and hugs ~

Amy Marie said...

I was definitely more like two least the sun is out now and it's all melting

onlymehere said...

Isn't it crazy how fickle March is? We run around without any jackets one day and the next we're covered in snow again! We're supposed to get snow today but I hope it just comes in as rain like it did the other day. I almost have all the snow melted off my deck on the north side of the house. To me when it melts it says it's spring, lol! Stay safe and warm. I hope George was going to a warmer climate too.

Linda said...

The snow pictures are sure pretty but I know you are ready for the real Spring and sunny days. Stay warm and cozy and if you are out and about be safe...hugs, Linda.

Tam said...

Yikes! Sorry you got some spring snow, although I must say it is pretty and it will melt fast.

Barbara said...

Hi Nancy,

I love the new look of your Blog, or have I just been away for too long! Anyway, our snow is gone, now we are into the rainy season, but at least the temps are a bit warmer, light jacket weather here now. Love your warrior and glad you are back to stitching. I'm still kind of at loose ends, and can't seem to settle down much.

I received a box from a friend in Germany today, and she sent me coffee's, which I love. So my day was better.


Brigitte said...

Oh Nancy, that's not funny. But the good thing with snow in March is that it never lasts long. Hopefully.
I saw that you are having your warrior out again. I was already asking myself what might have happened to the poor guy, lol.
And last but not least: Happy belated birthday to you! Enjoy all your gifts.