Friday, March 19, 2010


Today was my birthday and I had a very nice day. Bill and Eric and I after dinner.
Becky is wearing the shirt I bought her in Florida, oh Eric was too.
Flowers from Mandie and Zoe, and an Ice Cream Cake from Eric and Becky. Bill took us to dinner.
Here is my yummy cake.
An afternoon knock on the door, and a man delivered flowers from Mandie and Zoe. Thanks kids for the nice day. Mandie and Zoe, I love my beautiful flowers, thank you very much.


BittersweetPunkin said...

Happy Happy Birthday Nancy!! ...and many many more!!


onlymehere said...

I'm glad I logged on so I could know it was your birthday! It sure looks like it was a nice day for you. Thanks also for your very kind comments on my blog. I haven't been around too much with the crazy things that are going on this week but I did see your comment and I was touched. What a good friend you are. Our little Bailee is coming along. She's under bili lights for her elevated bilirubin but her mama had to do that as a newborn too and it was expected she'd be a little jaundiced. Her mama was only three weeks early though when seh was born. We're hoping to have Bailee home by the end of next week. In the meantime Savannah has worn me out, lol! I'm sure feeling my age. Now she's in more of a routine now and doesn't get me up more than once a night so I can handle that. Family is such a blessing isn't it?!

Saskia said...

That was a day to remember. Guess you had a wonderful day. Your 6 days and a lot of years ahead of me..

Heidi said...

Okay...who are those old men and what did they do with my brothers? Did you tell Eric not to put the ice cream cake on his leg? He is supposed to eat And is that an ice cream cake? That is really a pretty one. Glad you had a nice day yesterday.

Love and birthday hugs,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Nancy! My fellow picean.

Linda said...

Happy Birthday Nancy and wishes for many more...your special day sounds most happy and you look very happy too....hugs, Linda

jnmhancock said...

Happy Birthday Nancy! You have a wonderful family and their thoughtfulness really shows the love that they have for you. Thanks so much for sharing the photos.

Sonja said...

Happy birthday Nancy! Seeing these pictures it sure looks like you had a wonderful birthday. What better way there is than celebrating it with famy?!!!

Carolien said...

Dear Nancy,

I am tooooo late, how awful! (Had a cold and have to catch up now.) Nevertheless: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I wish you many, very good and healthy years to come!!!
How nice to see these cheerful pictures ...

When are you coming to Holland? ;)
Take care & big hugs, Carolien

Amy Marie said...

Hope you had a great Happy Birthday Aunt Nancy! Glad that most of your family were with you!