Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Two years ago, my cousin and I planted the tree you see blooming in the back. I am so proud of it. It is a Flowering Crabapple. We also planted a Flowering Bradford Pear in the back yard, but the blooms are almost gone from it.
The Lilac bush in the front was only a twig when I planted it at the same time. The Cherry tree was here when we bought the house, but George just cut it way back. We didn't think it would bloom this year. Now, if you knew me well, you would know I NEVER work in the yard. It is amazing these things grew. I would have to say thanks to Louise.
When I got home today, this package was waiting for me. It is a blog giveaway I won from Carolien, who lives in Holland. Her blog is listed on my friends list, in case you would like to visit her. She makes the best apple pie and just invited me to her house when I get to Holland to share her pie again. Yummy and I will be there.
This is the kit I won and it is just so nice. I have to take it out and look at it closer, but oh my, it is very nice.
Now, I feel sooooo bad that she went and bought all the thread to go with this kit. I know from Heidi that DMC thread is very expensive in Holland. I would have bought the thread and still felt very lucky. How can I thank you enough. I am just not sure yet, but I bet I will think of something when I next visit Holland. It is a wonderful gift and I do thank you very much Carolien.


Heidi said...

You win! Flowering trees and giveaway gifts so you are in the color of things. The trees are really doing well maybe to try and tempt you to come outside and do more. What do you think??? :-)

Love and hugs ~

Zlaty said...

Such a beautiful tree! So exciting for you to see it blooming! I love your winnings! Lovely colors and the card is so sweet, too! Enjoy it!

onlymehere said...

Those are beautiful colors in this kit! We can get the floss pretty cheap around here too. It goes on sale for 6/$1.00 all the time around here.

Your trees are gorgeous. We don't have any blooms yet but they're starting to get buds on them. We're different in yard work respects. I used to love to mow the lawn and work in the flower beds. I never really liked raising a vegetable garden but flowers were different. Now though since my knee has given up on me and my feet cause me problems I don't do any yard work at all hardly. I rely on Larry for all of that now Travis is gone and Kaje' is working. I miss it. I love the smell of fresh cut lawn it just feels so fresh and nice. It's hard just to walk on uneven terrain (which are yard is a bit). Oh well, some day I'll get this old knee fixed and then watch out, lol!! Have a wonderful day whether you be inside or out!

Linda said...

Nancy, your flowering trees are so beautiful! After all your snow your yard looks so pretty and it looks like everything is flourshing.

What a sweet win. Love the kit and all the floss is gorgeous...I know you'll enjoy using them...hugs, Linda

Tam said...

GORGEOUS trees Nancy!
What a wonderful win too, congrats to you....I love apple pie too.

angelasweby said...

Wow Nancy what a beautiful display of colourful blossoms you have to brighten your view. It's such a lovely time of year with blossoms of every colour beginning to open. I love your lilac bush - it's grown so quickly from a little twig.

Congratulations on winning that wonderful giveaway. This kit will pose you no problems at all. Your cross stitching has come such a long way in such a short time :>)
Warm hugs Angela xx

Elly said...

Congatulations with your winning Nancy.
I like the colours very much. Have you already made a start with it.
Lots of success. Your tree is so lovely, I have a Yellow tree in my garden that looks also very nice.
Hugs en groetjes, Elly

Carolien said...

Dear Nancy,

I just read that you will come over to our house and eat an applepie ... well, that's the biggest and nicest present you can give me when you come. Nothing else, o.k.?! I probably should have written on that card that I had so much fun in collecting those threads, I am addicted to watching all those lovely colours ... It was so much fun doing this with you in my mind ... So you REALLY needn't feel bad, you made my day :)

Your trees are lovely, it's party time in the garden right now, don't you think? Enjoy the sight, take care & warm hugs, Carolien

Sonja said...

That really looks like SPRING in your garden! Joepie! I bet these colours are tempting to make you go and sit in your garden and watch the birds come and go!
You won a lovely kit from Caroline! Congrets! And how is your Warrior doing?
And how is your computer-game getting along? Did you build a stable yet? And a castle or citadel? I am playing this game too now, you know. On the iPhone. It is called : You Rule. I am curious if you and I can buy things from eachother on-line?

barbi said...

Oh, yummy lilacs, I LOVE putting them in the house, they smell SO GOOD!!