Monday, January 26, 2009


This beautiful quilt block was sent to me from Saskia, who is in Heidi's quilt group, in Holland.
She did wonderful hand stitching on this Amish quilt block, and I really love it. Thank you so much Saskia.
She sent wonderful, and I do mean yummy good, little dutch cookies covered with chocolate, light, dark and white. I am already eating them.
Also included in the box are the chocolates you see in the other package. I didn't open them yet, but, I know I will soon. I put some of the cookies in a dish to show them better. I cannot thank you enough Saskia.

This little hand made flower is a gift from one of our online stitching group. It is beautifully made. It came all the way from France. Thank you Francoise.


Heidi said...

How ironic that Saskia was here today to have a cup of tea with me and asked if you ever got the package. I am glad it did arrive. Better late than never. She will be so glad to hear it. I love the pretty flower that Francoise sent you. And you love carnations too.

Love and hugs ~

Hi, I'm Barbara from Missouri and.... said...

Nancy I love the quilt Saskia sent to you. Those ladies are so talented and creative. The flower from Francoise is beautiful. I still don't think she ever sleeps! My on my, if I lived closer I would come share in the goodies with you. They look yummy.


Rhondi said...

What a lovely quilt to receive. Isn't it fun getting packages in the mail? The flower is precious too.
Hugs, Rhondi

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

The flower is lovely, and the quilt and goodies are very nice.

I meant to say how much I liked the shirt you got for George while you where in Florida.

Linda said...

Love your quilt, the colors are so pretty and that is the sweetest flower...both ladies are so talented. Nancy, I'm trying to not eat so many sweets....first that wonderful pie and now all these yummy goodies...I think I just gained a pound:)....hugs, Linda

Sweetie said...

Hi Nancy, The block quilt from Saskia is beautiful. How very nice that you received such a gift from faraway Holland. Did you meet her when you visited Heidi? I often think that you and Heidi talk more than some mothers that live near their daughters. I am on a sweet kick and your cookies made me so hungry for chocolate. The flower from Francoise is lovely too. I finally bought a file cabinet and plan to spend most of the day organizing.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Nancy..I love your lovely!

Your header is cute...looks just like you...LOL.

We are having some snow this morning....I hope we get a LOT.

diane said...

Oh, what treats you received from all over the world!!! : ) How nice and the chocolate looks esp. yummy!!

Saskia said...

O good!
I thought the package got on the wrong boat, and went back with "Sinterklaas" to Spain.
And I love those cookies with chocolate too, but I have to wait till november now, because they are only in the shops in november, december.

Brigitte said...

Nancy, you've received some wonderful gifts. This quilt is so beautiful, a nice little treasure. And Francoise's lovely flower, so delicate. Enjoy the Dutch cookies, they seem to be very tasty.

Solstitches said...

Wow! Your postman was good to you Nancy!
I love your gifts from Saskia and have to say those chocolates look rather yummy :)
Francoise sent me one of her gorgeous crochet flowers so I know just how pretty that is in real life.