Friday, January 23, 2009


I usually don't put an entry on this fast after the one I just did, but I am going to Pennsylvania tomorrow morning. It is just for the day, and a special occasion. My only Aunt left in my Mom's family, is going to have a birthday party. She is going to be 100. She was told there is going to be a party but not as big as this one will be. My cousin told me there will be about 125 coming. This is not even going past my generation. She has many Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. Happy Birthday Aunt Elizabeth. The party will be in Irwin, Pennsylvania. My Sister, my two cousins and George and I will be going early in the morning, then home after the party. I found this picture of the downtown street of Irwin on Google. It is a very small town. I have many very fond memories of visiting family in this little town.Louise,my cousin and I used to run down to the 5 and 10 cent store to buy paperdolls on every visit. We were given a quarter and bought our paperdoll books and had money left for candy. Now those were the good old days.

I hope you will all visit my Granddaughter Mandie's blog,
She has some fun pictures of an unexpected snow in North Carolina. We used to live in Goldsboro and the most snow we got was about 1/2 inch. Her mom was born there. Hope Zoe got to go out and play in the snow.


Linda said...

Happy Birthday wishes to your Aunt Elizabeth, may her special day be wonderful. Travel safe...hugs, Linda

Sweetie said...

Hi Nancy - how nice that your Aunt is celebrating her 100th birthday. I know that it will be wonderful to see family members. My mother's oldest sister is 97. I am off to visit Granddaughter Mandie's blog.
P.S. I'm going to look on the map for Irwin.

Lilysmom said...

I can't believe my "Great Great Great Aunt Elizabeth is 100! She's a spunky lady. So glad you can celebrate with her! Thanks for taking my Nanny too!

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Have fun at the Birthday party drive safely,

Went to visit Mandy's blog, great snow pictures and I love the Christmas shots.

onlymehere said...

What an incredible milestone. Happy birthday to your aunt!! I hope you have a nice trip too and enjoy yourself!

Saskia said...

WOW, a century on this planet. I think your Aunt have lots of stories to tell. And lots of relatives to share it with.

And Thank you Nancy for giving me an award.