Saturday, January 31, 2009


The other day I showed you the Indian I want to stitch, but with all the snow, I didn't want to go out to get the thread. Well, now I am DMC ready.
Last night, I decided to put away the other WIP to start on the warrior. In this tiny spot, I have changed colors 13 times and guess what, I love doing this one. I have heard from some of you online that you don't like changing colors. Well, I am in for it and so far it's ok. For me, it is a matter of liking the pattern. I like the patterns to be printed in color and I like doing people. I have both here.

Now, since I did have the DMC colors for the Fawn, I did start it. Ok, I am not so( fawndddd) of doing animals. I found that out. I am putting it into the WIP file to be hopefully finished later. This is the first design I started and put aside. Not that I have made many now. Someday I will finish this, but not now. Hey, maybe I can get George to finish it, and then maybe not. LOL


onlymehere said...

So many color changes drive me crazy but I love being driven crazy by it! Sometimes I like doing complicated patterns like this one! Believe it or not my snowmen picture had many, MANY color changes just in the snowmen themselves and I love that picture!! This is beautiful and I know it will end up stitched even more beautiful! Great job so far.

Sweetie said...

Hi Nancy, I really admire your work. I am trying to develop patience. I have another problem and that is being the most left handed person ever. Years ago when I embroidered, I bought a book teaching left handers to embroider. The Indian will be a master piece. I'm curious as to how many hours it will take to complete.

Heidi said...

You are too funny! That fawn was pretty far but now she will never be finished... the poor thing. Just to make you feel guilty...did it work? :) And now poor George has to finish it. I hope you continue to have fun doing the indian. Not sure I would like doing him. He sure has pretty colors so far.

Love and hugs ~

Linda said...

Nancy..that is a lot of color changes in a small area, but it sure looks pretty. This is going to be a wonderful piece and I'm looking forward to your progress pictures. Hugs, Linda

Hi, I'm Barbara from Missouri and.... said...

Boy, 13 color changes, okay, you can do it. I don't like doing people, but this one is truly nice. Poor fawn stuffed in a drawer some place....join the club of UFO ladies!


Solstitches said...

That's a colourful project and should give you many hours of pleaseure.
You've made a good start and I'll be checking in to watch as you make more progress.

Susan in SC said...

Hats off to you for changing colors so many times and such a big project!! I can't wait to see it finished!!

Brigitte said...

Nancy, I can't believe it - you've been stitching for just a year or so and you do it all - changing colours all the time, starting more than project at the same time, create a WIP file and what comes next? LOL. I just love how you handle your stitching career, and I love your new projects. I'm so looking forward to seeing progress pictures of the Indian Warrior.

Carolien said...

Hi Nancy,

You go too fast! LOL
It looks great ... but someone has to finish that fawn, it's so cute!!!

Have a nice Sunday & hugs, Carolien

Saskia said...

O, I couldn't do that.
I did lots of cross stitch years ago, but 13 colors on that small area...
You can always sent the fawn to Heidi, maybe she will finish it for you?..

Sonja said...

Hello Nancy, you are such a busy stitcher! Love your warrior and also your fawn! And every time you give your warrior some time, you could also give the little fawn 5 minutes...No, just do it your way and enjoy what you are doing! groetjes Sonja

Mary said...

Nancy - YOU won my 500th post giveaway - I'm so thrilled to share my British goodies with you dear.

Please e-mail me at with your mailing address - I'll get the parcel off to you soon.

Your new project is gorgeous - well going to be so when you have completed it. You must still have good close up vision - I can't see to do tiny stitches anymore!

Look forward to hearing from you.
Hugs - Mary.

Joni said...

You can keep your color changes, LOL. You do pick some difficult patterns to stitch (at least I think they are difficult because of the color changes and backstitching). He is awesome though and I look forward to watching him "grow".