Monday, February 2, 2009


This was the cross stitch I made for Becky and Eric. I thought it would be more lasting than just a card I would go buy. I framed it and of course, Heidi said, "is that glass I see". She doesn't approve of glass over a cross stitch. Oh well, they have it now.


Heidi said...

I am sure Eric and Becky will love this. I don't like glass over stitching unless it is going to hang in a kitchen or bathroom. It dulls the stitching. But you can use it when you want mother. :)

Love and hugs ~

Linda said...

This is a great remembrance of their special day....they'll be able to enjoy it for years to come. Hugs, Linda

barbi said...

That's so nice Nancy, I'm sure they will cherish it!! You are SO TALENTED!! Love, Barbi

onlymehere said...

I usually put glass on cross stitch myself to keep it clean. Unless it has buttons or other garnishments that make it bump out. I really like this. I got something similar from Larry's aunt when we got married and it still is in my bedroom almost 27 years later!

Carolien said...

Hello Nancy,

What a special gift for Eric and Becky ... this is something really personal and far better than a card!!! Lovely.

Hugs, Carolien

Anonymous said...

Hola soy de España, me encanta tu blog haces cosas preciosas.

Que suerte tienes Nancy.

Mi blog es:

Adiós, que todo te valla bien.

hazel said...

It's lovely Nancy and its nice to get something so personal on such a happy ocassion.

Well stitched and framed.
Hazel (UK)

Hi, I'm Barbara from Missouri and.... said...

Nancy, it is beautiful. I'm sure Eric and Becky will cherish it always.


Sweetie said...

Nancy, You truly created a work of art for Eric and Becky. It is so much nicer than a card. Your talent is amazing. I, too, prefer glass.

Sonja said...

It's a lovely gift! And now they can even hang it in the kitchen...LOL.
(By the way, I frame all of my stitching with glass).
I like your neo counter and I copied it to my blog! Love to see how many people take a look at my blog, even though they don't leave a comment.

Mary said...

This is beautiful Nancy and they will cherish it always. When I arrived at my brother's home in France in Oct. it was the first visit since they completed the renov. and had moved from their other house. Right inside that massive old front door, hanging on the wall was the "WELCOME" sign I'd stitched and framed for them years ago! It hung in their London home many years before moving to France. I was really happy they liked it enough to take it to France and hang it in a prominent place in their beautiful house - perhaps I need to do another now saying "BIENVENUE".

I'm e-mailing you too!

Beatrice said...

What a charming gift...I'm not a fan of glass on my work either. I find it loses the texture but it keeps it nice and clean.
But you know what that looks great!!!!
That Indian is stunning and you have a good bit done WOW good for you.

Joni said...

What a lovely remembrance for Becky and Eric. Nice work, Nancy!

Lilysmom said...

Congratulations Eric & Becky!

Solstitches said...

Nancy, it hardly seems a minute since you were doing your first ever cross stitch and now look at you!
I think this is a beautiful gift for Eric and Becky. Well done!