Wednesday, February 4, 2009


My online stitching group had a Bingo game going and I was way behind for a while and then, Bingo, I won. There were three winners in the end. Two of us won on the same day. There were to be two winners. Heidi is the list Mom and Margaret was an elf. (they named her that) They were sending the gifts from their stash. These are the things I received from Margaret.
There are Knitting markers, a needle gage and cloth to stitch bookmarks.
This is a too pretty to use, dish cloth. I am using it as a kitchen doily. Very beautiful knitting Margaret.

Margaret knew I liked the patterns All Our Yesterdays, she found this pattern in a magazine and sent it. I love it too.

Now she didn't just send the pattern, she kitted it up. She sent the Aida cloth and DMC thread to make the design. Heidi sent the gifts to the other two ladies. I know their gifts are in the mail. Margaret I really thank you for sending me this very nice package full of goodies.


Heidi said...

It was fun playing Bingo and your prize from Margaret is wonderful. I love the shape of the dishcloth. It looks more like a doily.

Love and hugs ~

Solstitches said...

Hi Nancy,
I had fun putting those little things together for you.
It was the first round dishcloth I've done from a free pattern on the Internet. I'm so glad you like it.

Linda said...

Your bingo goodies are great....lots of neat things! I would use the pretty knitted piece as a doily too..... All Our Yesterdays is lovely, and to have it ready to do is really nice....hugs, Linda

Teresa said...

I like all the prizes you won. It is always great to win something you can really use! I would use the dishcloth as a doily too! I might try to make some. I can't wait to see the cross stitch finished. Those little girls look so sweet. Have fun!

onlymehere said...

That's so exciting to not only get a pattern but the whole kit!! The goodies are wonderful too. I actually thought it WAS a doily! Beautiful work. About the work table, I don't have a room big enough for it but I dream of a "some day" sewing room for it! Once in awhile you'll see me post something about my "some day" house. It may never happen but I can dream! Larry has to string his tennis racket on the bar bz it's the right height for him but we'd both love for him to have a table since he stores his stuff in the fruit room in the basement and not in the kitchen so it's kind of a pain to get out. I've never heard of online Bingo either and I think it sounds like fun! Cindy

Hi, I'm Barbara from Missouri and.... said...

Well, have you started it yet? When will it be done? Will you put it on your Blog when you are finished? Will you make me one? Do you feel like you are riding in a car with some children?

Lovely gifts, Margaret done good!

I would use that dishcloth for a doily also!


Sweetie said...

Online Bingo really sounds like fun. You certainly were lucky - such nice prizes. How very special to receive a complete kit. And - I could never use that beautiful dish cloth to wash dishes. It's much too pretty for that.

angelasweby said...

What a fantastic package of goodies. Margaret definitely knows how to put a gift together. It's always lovely to get a new pattern and to have it kitted up makes it extra exciting :>)
I hope you enjoy using all your lovely stash.
Hugs, Angela

Brigitte said...

Nancy, what a lovely Bingo gift package you've received from Margaret. Enjoy all the wonderful goodies!

onlymehere said...

Thanks for letting me know about the cost being too much. I had suspected this but we don't travel so I was unsure. We'll check around before we commit to anything and see what's doable at that time (we're thinking we'd go in the fall). I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me!!