Wednesday, February 11, 2009


HAPPY BIRTHDY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEIDI AND JASON, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUUU. Heidi is now telling everyone on this birthday she is going to be five. Maybe she better put a four in front of the number. Can you believe this little girl in the first picture is the same one in the second picture? Does she really look five?

She was in Brugge, Belgium a couple years ago, enjoying Jos's beer. She said she didn't want her own, but it looks like she might have liked one.

This was also taken a couple years ago. This chair is no longer in her house. I tried to have her get a new picture taken yesterday but with no luck. We have to be sneaky to get her picture. Now, Dagi has no problem at all. That is his favorite place in the world. I hope you have a very nice day stitching and quilting. Is Jos taking you out to dinner? I know he gave you tulips already since we were talking when you got them.

I have told you I have two Army Grandson's by marriage. They are both wonderful men and we are so happy to now have Jason in our family. I hope you are going to have a wonderful Birthday Jason and I hope Mandie cooks your favorite dinner. She is a great cook.


Anonymous said...

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Heidi and to Jason also from some guy in Oh. Have fun!!

Lilysmom said...

Happy Birthday Heidi & Jason! Hope you have a great brithday! I know I'm having a good birthday since my little guy is now home from the hospital!

Hi, I'm Barbara from Missouri and.... said...

What good photo's of Heidi and Dagi. Jason is very handsome.


BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Nancy!! Love the pictures of Heidi..I will have to hop over and wish her a Happy Birthday!

I hope all is well with you!

Mary said...

Thanks for letting us know about Heidi's B'day - I left her a greeting. Are you like me, on my kids' Birthdays, I always feel a pang of nostalgia and a lot of memories?

Happy Birthday also to Jason - just know Mandie is spoiling him today.

Thanks for the e-mails - will respond soon.

Elly said...

Van harte gefeliciteerd met de verjaardag van Heidi en ook van Jason.
Nancy I think you can translate this as you were so often in Holland!
Can you also feel the Spring a little bit in town? We have sun but also a rainshower now and than but we can hear more and more birds singing.
Heidi will enjoy that on her Birthday.
Hugs, Elly

Rhondi said...

Hi Nancy
I am glad you told us it's Heidi's birthday today.
Rhondi xo

Sonja said...

Gefeliciteerd met de verjaardag van Heidi! We are celebrating her birthday at this very moment. We had a great dinner in Amersfoort (the restaurant were Jos forgot his coat).It was yummie! By the way she loved here present. Greatings from the 4 of us.

angelasweby said...

Lovely pictures Nancy. No wonder you are so proud of Heidi and Jason. I hope they are having a fantastic time and being treated to lots of treats.
Lots of good wishes Angela