Saturday, June 27, 2009


These are a couple of the pictures I took of the scenery on the first day of our trip. I am trying to download more, but the internet is not co operating. We arrived in Calgary and then went to Banff to spend our first night. I bought my camera the day before we left, and put the date (wrong) on. I didn't know it was going to come up on every picture. It isn't the right date either.
The views were just great. This was only the beginning. I am now using my desktop computer, which I do not like using. I consider it George's computer. My laptop had to be returned because it kept shutting down while I was typing. I think I cannot win. Bear with me and I will attempt to add more pictures as the days go by.


Linda said...

Hi Nancy, welcome home. The pictures with your new camera are great. What beautiful scenery...I look forward to seeing more pictures and hearing all about your travels...hugs, Linda

p.s. Sorry to hear you are having computer problems again..

Heidi said...

Looks like your new camera takes nice photos. Can you turn out the date and time setting? What beautiful scenery! I already got to hear about the trip but am looking forward to seeing more photos.

Are you going to start looking for a new laptop again?

Love and hugs ~

Sonja said...

What a beautiful pictures. Your camera and you did a great job. Are you on the top of a mountain? Because you have such a magnificent view!
Seems you had a great holliday. Did you knit during this holliday or do you have to catch up now you are home?
Greetings from Drenthe, Sonja.

Saskia said...

Great photo's. A trip to canada is still on my wish list.
I hear great story's about the country.
I hope you had a perfect time over there.
Sorry to hear your laptop is giving you troubles.
I'm looking for one too, but still don't know wich one to get.

Amy Marie said...

Beautiful pictures! Can't wait to hear/see more!