Sunday, June 7, 2009


We started our trip on Friday in Marietta, Ohio and boarded the Valley Gem for a short ride on the river. We had a box lunch from Panerra so it was really good. From there, we got back on the coach for a ride to Elkins, W.Va. In Elkins, we saw a really good show. It is a very large family affair, and I have to admit, I wasn't expecting much, but boy was it good. It was at the American Mountain Theater. I bought a Gospel CD and all the music was written by one of the ladies in the group. They were are really good talents.

The next morning, we boarded this train and had a ride through the countryside of a small part of West Virginia. The coach was waiting on our return and we then went to Lewisburg, W. Va.

This is the Greenbriar Estate. We had lunch in this beautiful building and a little tour. It is a hotel, but, I think you would need a very large checkbook to stay there. It is super fancy. They have lots of shops and we heard one half pound of candy was $30.00. See what I mean???? Then we went under the hotel.

This is the entrance to the Bunker we toured. You would have to see this to believe it. It was built in Eisenhowers time. It was designed to house most of our Government in the event of an attack. A reporter got wind of it and it became public. It is a long story, too long to tell on this blog. It was a city in itself underground, and no one ever knew the full funtion of it. People who worked there didn't know what the others were doing. It is amazing. It is now only used for tours. The brochure calls it Project Greek Island, The Bunker.
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onlymehere said...

I bet the bunker was fascinating! I get too claustrophobic though to be in it for long!! This sounds like a fun trip.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip Nancy!! That underground bunker sounds neat...there's a show on TV that I watch from time to time called "Cities of the Underworld" and it shows old cities and tunnels underground that were used many many years ago, Really neat stuff !

Heidi said...

What a packed weekend you had. Are you tired? It sounds like it was a fun mix of things to do for you both. Did George get to drive this train??? :-) Guess the moral of this story is to become a crook politician and you can be saved living in a bunker. But then look what you would come back to when an attack was over - a destroyed world. So it is good that it was never used. Glad you had a good weekend. That paddleboat looks so neat.

Love and hugs ~

Brigitte said...

What a wonderful trip this must have been. I love the pictures you took, particularly the one with those tulips. A field of tulips, so great.

Linda said...

Hi Nancy...what a fun get-away. I think lunch on the riverboat sounds so relaxing, I love being on or near water.. The Greenbriar looks gorgeous...who would ever guess it held these bunkers and a secret little city...very interesting. Glad you had a good time...hugs, Linda

Tam said...

YIKES! an underground bunker!...but I must admit it's looks interesting...makes me wonder what else the "public" doesn't know about. Your pictures are beautiful and it looks like you had a great time! Good for you!

Françoise said...

wonderfull trip!!!

Susan in SC said...

I would love to tour the bunker - who knew?! I think that is very interesting! THanks for sharing.

Beatrice said...

Wow that looks like a great trip. I love the paddle boat.
I have to ask about this song that Heidi has been talking about. Did she sing this in English or Dutch. We never heard it in Dutch???
Take care.

angelasweby said...

What amazing photos. The story of the underground bunker is so incredible. imagine constructing something like that and everyone going about their business in their own sections. it sounds as if you had a fantastic trip.
I love the look of the riverboat. What a marvellous trip.
Hugs Angela