Monday, June 15, 2009


My Granddaughter, Kristen, is holding an auction on her blog. She made this baby afghan for an auction at her church and didn't get it in ontime. She wants to sell it on her blog and give the proceeds to her church.
If you are interested, visit her please. The money will help send the kids to World Changers. She tells you about it. Haali went a couple years in a row. Thanks

Heidi started another blog, her Needlenecessities is full, and she would have to pay for it. Her blog that will replace it is


Heidi said...

Ditty's afghan is so pretty. I hope she can sell it for a great price on her blog. The name is adorable.

Love and hugs ~

Sonja said...

That must be no problem to sell such a pretty Afghan!
I was happy to see that your warrior got some blogging attention. He is still standing strong...Oh no he can't stand without his feet yet...LOL

Linda said...

What a pretty's going to make someone very happy...hugs, Linda