Monday, December 26, 2011


One day, Eric came over and we made Pizelles. It is very time consuming.
On another day, it was Bill's turn. These are his favorite cookies and he wants icing so it is his job to do them. Eric helped with sprinkles then too.
First thing in the morning on Christmas, Eric came and did dinner from beginning to end. At this point, he decided her wanted noodles so he made (from scratch) our old fashion Pot Pie noodles. It was a favorite of mine as a kid.
Here he is putting them in the boiling broth.
Here is his masterpiece, stuffing and all. It was a totally wonderful dinner, thank you Eric. Even Heidi was with him in the kitchen. We put the video cam on skype and she saw him working away. Tonight we are going to eat the left overs when Bill gets home from work.


onlymehere said...

Wow! He's a keeper if he cooks and even makes noodles from scratch. Cooking just isn't something that I enjoy. Maybe someday I will again, who knows. So happy to hear that Heidi got to be a part of it too. The cookies look yummy too and it certainly looks like it was a great time at your house.
P.S. Yes, that Navie has her mommy's eyes. All my kids lucked out and got their dad's big eyes, it just doesn't always show in pictures.

Heidi said...

Men cooking in our family is normal, right Mom? :-)

Glad you all had a good Christmas and a great meal. Are there any cookies left?

Love and hugs,

Carolien said...

Hello Nancy,

Bill and Eric did a great job! Well done, gentlemen!!!

Big hugs from us all and yes, we had a nice Christmas too. Toninht we will go and do some ice-skating near the old tower of Amersfoort.

Bye, Carolien

Amy Marie said...

So nice to have them with you to help!

Anne said...

Nice that you have men cooking and show it here- too many won't even try, but maybe now they will and that they are seeing it here!

Merry Christmas Nancy