Sunday, August 21, 2011


After thinking I had sprained my ankle, I had to keep it elevated and ice on it. So, I was reading books a mile a minute. George said, why don't you go to the library since shopping is too hard and you can save money. Well, now this is the fourth
trip to the library.
With a now broken ankle and in a cast, my movement is limited before I wear out. on the last trip, I asked for 14 books to be ordered for me. I got an email saying one came in. George took my return books in and was picking up the one book. Well, he came out with all of these books that had come in.
I normally take a tote in but sent him in just with the books. He came out with this nice tote. Thank you library, I really like the tote. I just finished the one book with the gnomes on the front, a suggestion from Heidi. First time for this author. It was very good. I am starting on the second book now, by Earlene Fowler.


HeidiInHolland said...

I wish I could get our books at my library but no such luck so I have to order what I want to read from AmazonUK. Glad that new series turned out to be good. It had your name on it when I saw the (wicked) gnomes on the front.

Keep reading and you could knit or stitch...something for :-)

Love and hugs,

Carolien said...

Libraries are great when they have a nice collection ... and how nice they 'fixed a tote bag'!

Happy reading and hopefully a quick recovery for your ankle.

Big hugs, Carolien