Saturday, August 13, 2011


This is my Mom, she was a tiny little lady and believe me, everyone loved her very much. She has been gone for many years. Okay Heidi, here it is.
Since I broke my ankle in July, I had to have a cast and a walker. Well, the cast has to stay on for three more weeks. I told Heidi I was now using a cane. She knew I had Charlie, my Mom's cane. The name is still on it under the handle.
Bill went to my attic tonight and recovered it. He had to use steel wool to clean it up, but here it is, out of retirement. My Mom is smiling down on me now since I
have her Charlie back in use. It is even the right height since I have lost inches.
Thanks Mom, I will take good care of Charlie for you.

Both my Granddaughters called her Miff, they couldn't say Gramma Smith at first.
I added that after seeing that Mandie wrote Miff.


Anonymous said...

Awe...Miff! :) believe it or not I remember this cane! She passed when I was really young but I do remember her :) Im sure she would be happy to know that her cane is helping you now. Love you!


Heidi said...

There is good ol' Charlie!!!See...I knew Bully could go dig it out for you. It held Gramcrackers up for many years and now it can you too. :-) There is something right about seeing Charlie since you HAVE to walk with a cane anyway. Right??? :-)

Love and hugs,

P.S. - No Mandie,you would not have seen Charlie since Miff had to use a walker by the time you were around her. But it was something your mom and we grew up with.

Carolien said...

All thye best with your ankle, Nancy! And yes, I bet your mother will smille when seeing you using that familiar cane ...

Have a great week & hugs, Carolien

onlymehere said...

How sweet that you saved Charlie. I'm sure your mom is smiling down at you right now. I love the "Miff" nickname too. Smith seems to be pretty hard for little ones to say and it made me smile to read that. I hope you're on the mend and feeling better every day. Think of you and Heidi often. I'll try to be better about saying hi.

Amy Marie said...

I love seeing Grandma's picture. I remember when she lived in Shakertown apartments and Heidi was there, we'd go visit!