Sunday, September 18, 2011


 Our neighborhood had tree trimming by the township.  This is our neighbors tree after the trimming.
I was a little paniced thinking this is what they were going to do to our tree.
 This is after our tree was trimmed, and as you can see, not bad at all.
 The trees had to be taken out of the wires.  Ours was far enough that they said they didn't have to cut as much.
 This was a before, and you can see it is not so much different
Here they are, getting started.  They cleaned it all up too.  We fared very well.
Thanks Heidi for changing my blog so now it works.  I could not get pictures to
load at all.  Now though, I have to think different.  The pictures go on in different order.


Heidi said...

I heard them sawing away for ages when I was talking to you. They just destroyed those trees. That is just silly. I understand they need to be careful because of all the ice storms you have anymore but that is over done! I am glad your tree is not bad at all.

Love and hugs,

onlymehere said...

Glad you got away so well with your trimming. I just had to trim out tree for the mail lady and it honestly was nowhere near the neighbor's mail box. I've been documenting with pictures now but I sure hope I don't have to use them against her.

Sonja said...

I am happy for you that your tree came out well. But that other tree won't survive heavy storm, now it is so out of balance.

Terri said...

Oh! When we lived in Amherst, there had been a horrible ice storm that severly damaged some lovely old trees. You should have heard the wailing and howling when the town came around to trim and cut. Law suits were filed. Punches were thrown. Police were involved. UGLY! Glad yours went a little bit smoother then ours!

Saskia said...

That´s a strange looking tree now! They better cut it all together. This looks like tree mistreatment..