Saturday, March 28, 2009


Ok, maybe Spring really will come to Ohio. I found these beautiful daffys in my yard this morning. Now, don't get too excited, tomorrow they are predicting snow. Oh yes, that is SNOW. Today is just so pretty and nice temps. I had to go out to buy black ink cartridges for my printer it is really a perfect day. George is busy this morning but maybe this afternoon, we can go someplace.


Saskia said...

I hope spring will come soon! We need some sunshine and warmth on oure skin. Yesterday and today there where some sunny moments in Holland.
It felt great!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I think that I'll just take a peak around my flower beds to see if I can find my own signs of Spring

Heidi said...

And these are not even the ones we planted so there are more to come. I forgot to ask you if you ended up getting the forecasted snow today? You must not have or you would have said.

Love and hugs ~

Amy Marie said...

I can't believe your flowers are up and blooming already. I hope they made it through this mornings cold. My tulips are about 2 inches above ground so far.