Saturday, March 14, 2009


I am not Irish, but I hope everyone of you wonderful bloggers have a Happy St Patrick's Day.

This little guy is actually supposed to be an Irish Santa. I forget the brand name of them. I think they are called Krinkle Klaus

I received this award from Tammy, you can click on her blog from my friends list. Treadleworks by Tammy. You are supposed to list 7 things you love and then give it to 7 bloggers. I am going to say, I am giving it to each of the bloggers who visit. Please do take this award from me now.
2. My country
3. My life
4. My friends
5. My crafts
6. My Books
7. This should be first, God for giving me this good life
I hope I see this award on all of your blogs now and thank you Tammy


onlymehere said...

That's a well deserved award! I like the Irish Krinkle Klaus (hope I remembered his name right) too! Have a great weekend!

Beatrice said...

I'm just getting caught up. Boy you have had a time of it. I'm glad to here your Heidi is home and that you are on the mend.
Happy St. Paddy's to you too!

Tam said...

You're welcome Nancy! The Irish Santa is cute but I must say I love those sheep!
Have a great weekend!

Linda said...

Hi Nancy, congrats on this's perfect for you and you are most deserving.
Happy Saint Paddy's Day to you, your little Irish Santa is adorable and the lambies are so cute. Hugs, Linda

Sonja said...

That is a lovely green man, really cute! And I am happy too that your litte girl is home again! (what does sir Patrick do for people? I only know to wear something green)