Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Heidi is now in an isolation unit at the hospital and bored to pieces. She said she has a TV and her magazines but wants to go home. I got to talk to her today through wonderful Skype. Jos called me on Skype then called Heidi at the hospital and I was able to talk to her. She said she now has a rash on her arms and the nurse is going to tell the doctor. It just started. I hope the pill is not causing it. She got to do pill form, not drinking it.

No one can come into the room. She said one nurse did come in and had to fully suit up and Heidi had to go into the bathroom and shut the door until she left again. She has a big thermos full of hot water to make tea and has to drink lots of water. Her food is delivered into a hallway and then they knock. She opens the door to then get the food. This pictures looks like Jos and me saying ohhhhhhhhhh poor Heidi. If all goes as planned, she will go home tomorrow and then has to stay at least a meter away from everyone. She should be on tomorrow with her own news on her blog. I was just so happy to hear her and know she is basically ok. Typical Mom. Thank you all for your thoughts and most important prayers.


Anonymous said...

We're praying for you, Heidi. Hang in there sis!

Love, Eric and Becky

onlymehere said...

I'm sure she'll be doing a happy dance just to be able to go home even though she has to stay a meter away from everyone. We'll keep praying that she does well and also that she can conquer/abate her boredom.

Solstitches said...

Oh my goodness Nancy I feel so bad for Heidi as she goes through this treatment.
Bored is not a word I would normally associate with Heidi as she is always so busy. It must be very hard for her.
Glad to hear you two still managed to talk. Please give Heidi my best.


Tam said...

Hi Nancy,
I'm still thinking of Heidi and will say a prayer again tonight that she will be home again soon with needle and fabric in hand.
I hope you are still doing well after your eye procedure.
Thank you for your kind comment on my blog :D

Hi, I'm Barbara from Missouri and.... said...

Nancy, love your pictures on today's Blog! Prayers are being said for Heidi. Hope your eye is doing well, praying and thinking of you also.


Sweetie said...

I feel so bad for Heidi. It must be stressful to be so isolated and so limited in what you can do. You must have been to glad to talk to her. I hope that your eye is not giving you any problems. Stephanie talked me into taking a quilt making class. It doesn't start until the middle of April.

Linda said...

Hi Nancy, I hope all is going well following your procedure and I'm happy you were able to talk with Heidi. I can only imagine how happy she will be to get back home and enjoy her stitching and quilting. Prayers and hugs to you both...hugs, Linda