Friday, March 6, 2009


On Monday, Heidi has to go into the hospital to start the radio active therapy for her thyroid, which is now doubled in size. She has to drink radioactive liquid. She will have to be in isolation for a few days, then still not be more than a meter close to anyone for three weeks. This does not sound fun, but I hope it goes well and is certainly better than surgery for her.
On the 10th, I am going to have my second cataract done. I go in and out on the same day. I have a great doctor so I'm not worried about it. I have a cough right now that has to be gone before I go in, but it is getting better everyday. Right now, I am not wearing glasses, but they told me I will need reading glasses when they are finished. I think until I get them, I might not be able to stitch my warrior. Hummmm, not good.
This might be both of us when we are finished. Hope not though. I think mine will be all covered by insurance and hope hers will too. Why that turned blue, I do not know.
Please keep us in your prayers as we both go through these procedures.


hazel said...

Hi Nancy, Thinking and praying for you and Heidi, I do hope Heidi is going to be alright, it must be so worrying for both of you.
Keep up updated.
Hazel (UK)

Heidi said...

It was fun looking for those old Victorian pictures for you. I wish the nurses looked like this when I go to the hospital. I would be so distracted by their beautiful clothes that I would forget where I was. :) I hope everything goes very well for your eye. I worry about it being your bad eye. Tell them be very careful with my mommy!!!

Love and hugs ~

onlymehere said...

Good luck to both of you and I'll definitely keep you in my prayers. Keep us updated if you can and I hope you can still stitch that warrior when it's all said and done!

angelasweby said...

These old pictures are great and so interesting but just be grateful yours and Heidi's surgery is taking place in the 21st century :>) I've just finished the most fascinating love story set in the Crimea War with detailed descriptions of the lives of the nurses and of Florence Nightingale. It was called Rose of Sebastopol!
I'll be thinking of both of you.
Warm hugs Angela

Proverbs 31 said...

Thinking of you both!!!!! Marie x

Tam said...

Prayers and hugs to both of you...Tam

Linda said...

Nancy, I will be keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers....Linda

Sweetie said...

Nancy - Of course, both you and Heidi are in my prayers. I am glad that she does not require surgery although I know that drinking the radioactive liquid will not easy. You do all of that beautiful stitching and don't wear glasses. Wow! I hope that the cataract removal is successful. You certainly have a lot on your plate.
Love and prayers,

Carolien said...

Hello Nancy,

Of course I will keep both you and Heidi in my thoughts and prayers the coming time.
All the best and I hope you will recover soon!

Have a nice weekend & hugs, Carolien

Saskia said...

I will light my candles and think of you and Heidi. I have faith everything goes well. Take care, and you are in my thoughts.

Solstitches said...

Good luck with the cataract op Nancy.
I'll be thinking of both you and Heidi in the weeks to come.
I know you will be very anxious about your dear daughter.

Amy Marie said...

Aunt Nancy, first I love the new background of what else? Snowmen!

I will be thinking of both you and Heidi this week!

Susan in SC said...

Prayers being said for both you and Heidi!

Susan in SC

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Dear Nancy, I read your Dear daughter's blog, and see your comments there. This time, I had to come over and give you a hug.

I know you're worried. Plus you have your own opp coming up. {I've had both eyes done and it was "a piece of cake," as we say. You will be fine.}

And we will all be sure that Heidi will be too.

This is *some* coming week, since she starts her isolation, and I have a heart catheterization this week too. All will be fine, for all three of us.

Lots of gentle hugs,
Aunt Amelia

Brigitte said...

Nancy, I've been thinking of Heidi today. And I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.

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