Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Now of course, they have to be California Sunkist seedless oranges. We lived in Florida for nine years, and I always made Bill buy me California oranges. LOL.
He thought I was nuts. Well maybe! I got this big bag for only $3.99.

Way back, before Heidi and Eric, when we lived in Africa, I worked at the base Education Center. An Arab professor brought in oranges and asked if I wanted one. I said no, they are too messy to peel. Well, I got a lesson in orange peeling.
First you cut off the top. Then,
you score the sides into sixths. You peel down the sides. Boy, it is easy and no
mess. These are so yummy.
Now, this blog entry was Heidi's idea after I told her I bought the oranges. She said to show my Mom's method of cutting and eating oranges. She and all of the kids just loved my Mom and what she said was right. Cut in half then quarters.

Then again in half and you have loads of wonderful pieces of oranges to eat. Too bad Heidi, George ate this one.


Heidi said...

See! Granny's way is the right way. She was special and knew how to do everything just right. :-) You even had grapefruit, orange and lemon trees in your Florida garden at one point. That was when Dad was doing his square foot garden.

Nothing like lots of vitamin C in the snow weather to keep you healthy so keep eating oranges.

Love and hugs ~

Linda said...

Nancy, I have a bowl of oranges on my table right now. Yours looks so juicy and delish..I'm going to have one with my toast....I agree,they are wonderful any way you slice them.

Gosh, I don't ever remember reading you lived in Africia...have you ever mentioned living there to hear more..hugs, Linda

onlymehere said...

This post makes me smile for more reasons than one. I'm emailing you a link for my orange cookies that won second prize in a readers digest cooking contest many, many years ago! Yes, me who doesn't like to cook got a prize from a cooking contest!!

I was surprised to find out you'd lived in Africa too. What a wonderful, full, and exciting life you've lived! I love learning more about you and your travels, and yes, even how you peel an orange. Have a great day! I think I'll go get an orange bz you've made me hungry for them. (I love them too). I have an easy orange chicken recipe too that my husband loves. I make it about once a month or so and freeze the leftovers in separate meal-sized Ziploc bags.

Saskia said...

I always peel a orange they first way you showed. When I was a kid (still am..) my mom had a Tupperware yellow peel thing, to make good incisions to peel the skin of.

angelasweby said...

Wow, they are the juciest oranges I have ever seen they look so delicious. My dad taught me how to peel oranges in exactly the same way and, it usually amazes people when they try to peel one and I show them this far easier and much less messy way.

Oooh, I feel like an orange now....sadly, I will have to make do with a clementine!!

Julia said...

Nancy, I grew up in Africa for 5 years of my childhood, so glad to hear you lived there for a while too. We then moved to Korea (absolutely gorgeous country!), and had an even more wonderful 4 years after that. Very fond memories of the fabulous Korean people growing up.
Love Asia!

Enjoy your week and your oranges.

Amy Marie said...

Aunt Nancy, Lily and Charlie always loved mand. oranges out of the can b/c they didn't like the skins. I bought some fresh oranges a few weeks back and now they are obsessed! I remember Grandma Smith cutting oranges for me...she you used to slice them in really thin circles for me.

Susan in SC said...

I bought a big bag of oranges tonight! I will have to try your system of cutting one.